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Red Death sign with Century Media Records

Wednesday, February 6, 2019 10:40 AM PT / 1,421 views
Official press release: Century Media Records are proud to announce that Washington, D.C. crossover thrashers Red Death are the latest addition to the label's roster, after having recently signed the group to a worldwide multi-album deal. Red Death has played shows across North America with the likes of Power Trip, Iron Reagan, Turnstile, Municipal Waste, Exodus, Obituary, Terror and also a European tour with Foreseen last year. The band is looking forward to a busy 2019, which will see the group continue their relentless live-crusade, but also finalize work on their third full-length album and Century Media Records debut for release later in 2019. "We are honored to join the Century Media family! We have been fans of the label and its roster long before this band existed," states Red Death about their signing to Century Media Records. "From artists like Merauder to Morgoth, it's been a name that we've always paid much attention to. We are currently preparing our third LP and releasing it via Century Media makes perfect sense. We have dedicated ourselves and put forth a large amount of hard work into this band and we plan on channeling that drive and energy into our upcoming record. Above all we're very honored to be apart of the label and to add to its history!" Commenting the signing of Red Death, Philipp Schulte, Director Century Media Records Europe, states, "With Red Death we welcome one of the most promising bands from the very vital US crossover scene on the label. Red Death impressed me with their two albums 'Permanent Exile' (2015) and 'Formidable Darkness' (2017), both of which offer fast and straight-forward crossover thrash in its most ferocious form, as well as with their intense live shows and total dedication to what they are doing. In times of short-lived hypes, few bands stand out and actually do make a difference. Red Death is one of them!" Mike Gitter, Vice President Of A&R Century Media Records USA, adds, "From their earliest days, Red Death have played with a grip on the hooks of classic metal, the ferocity and speed of vintage thrash and the intense energy and rawness of a DIY gig. Right now, they're on the verge of serious contender status. Century Media is excited to join forces with this formidable Washington DC powerhouse."


anonymous 2/7/2019 11:33:45 AM

Pretty sure this isn't the same 'Red Death' that was on Metal Blades many many years back... So how do bands get away with biting names like this without anyone being sued??

anonymous 2/8/2019 10:14:05 AM

Good, now stop pretending to be hardcore and using the hardcore show circuit now that you got your big metal label deal, crossover thrash band.

anonymous 2/9/2019 11:03:32 AM

Hudson from Takoma here-looking for my misplaced Path of Resistance hoodie.

anonymous 2/14/2019 8:51:57 PM

"Pretty sure this isn't the same 'Red Death' that was on Metal Blades many many years back... So how do bands get away with biting names like this without anyone being sued??" Not the same. That band was The Red Death.

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