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Bloodline announce new album, debut new video

Sat, February 2, 2019 9:34 AM PT1,761 views

Official press release: Dallas alternatve-metalcore four-piece Bloodline — Joseph Todd (lead vocals), Titus Kirby (guitars/vocals), Jake Jones (bass), and Matt Dierkes (drums/vocals) — will release their second full length album, Better View, produced by Dierkes, via Stay Sick Recordings on March 29, 2019. It is available for pre-order. To celebrate the impending release, the band has dropped the video for the new single "Step Back." Watch and listen here:
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Better View track listing: 01. Step Back 02. Same Stories 03. Darkest Days 04. Empty Cage 05. Blank Wall 06. The Way It Goes 07. Lie To Me 08. Come and Get It 09. Surrender 10. Faceless Master


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anonymous 2/2/2019 3:40:14 PM

What the fck is alternative metal core?

anonymous 2/2/2019 4:49:51 PM

Wow Slipnot doesn't look anything like I expected them to without the masks

anonymous 2/3/2019 6:22:47 AM

I wish I could peel the skin off this band n crawl n side. Id do anything to step into their lives n mak n reel differances

anonymous 2/3/2019 7:19:04 AM

WOW fck this band. I'm from New Jersey. Woke up to read this fcking bullshit. I'm from NJ, and the only Bloodline to ever make music is from NJ. They are called NJ Bloodline. talk to the fist irl fck these generics.

anonymous 2/3/2019 8:34:35 AM

There was a hardcore band from Minnesota called Bloodline who existed before NJ Bloodline and played with Judge. They put out an EP in '91, an LP in '92, and another EP in '93. Two releases on known hardcore record labels (Nemesis and Doghouse Records.)

anonymous 2/3/2019 8:50:39 AM

^^ fight me at any show in NJ ever. Talk to the fist you punker.

anonymous 2/3/2019 1:08:26 PM

Was really expecting to see Fronzilla here

anonymous 2/3/2019 4:44:12 PM

The first Bloodline is from 1927. No label. Orriginal hardcore band even before mongoloids.

anonymous 2/3/2019 6:21:50 PM

I met Matt on runescape and he told me in order to join his guild, I had to perform a ceremony where I empty my entire inventory. I did this trying to be included and he STOLE all of my money, clothes, and weapons.

anonymous 2/4/2019 2:22:18 AM

I thought that Matt kid got beat up by someone in his last band?

anonymous 2/4/2019 10:01:47 AM

pretty sure there are a bunch of bands called Bloodline. A country rock band as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/w iki/Bloodline_(band) and a rap band https://shopify.undergroun dhiphop.com/products/blood line-let-the-blood-spill-c d these clowns would be better served not using a generic word for their band name.

anonymous 2/4/2019 1:05:52 PM

^^ fight me at any show in NJ ever. Talk to the fist you punker. >> Fight me on the street in NYC far away from a show where no one can break it up you leftover 1990s hardcore meathead herb. Fu ck NJ Bloodline and fu ck you. Ever wonder why they put NJ in front of their name Doofus?

anonymous 2/4/2019 3:12:08 PM

I did steal all his stuff in Runescape. Fight me at any NJ show punker

anonymous 2/4/2019 9:49:43 PM

Shit band! the drummer looks slightly retarded!

anonymous 2/5/2019 2:01:26 PM

They're all actually mentally handicapped, as$hol3. it's part of special charity that stay sick is a part of. I think it's a fronz tax evasion thing. Either way it's really insensitive to use those kinds of words to describe someone with an actual disability. Disgusting.

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