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Gorilla Biscuits guitarist Alex Brown dies

Gorilla Biscuits guitar player Alex Brown has passed away this week as the result of an aneurysm. He was 52. Gorilla Biscuits vocalist Anthony Civarelli had this to say: "The world lost a son, brother, uncle, artist, musician and loving friend this week. I lost my bandmate and friend of over 30 years, a piece of my heart died this week and all I can do is think of all the fun, shows, meals flights and trips we had together. All the late night talks and all the early morning hangs with him and my wife and kids. There will never be another alex brown. A memorial service will be held in Iowa in the coming weeks. Tell the ones you love that you love them, alex passed away from natural causes a basal ganglia stroke." Prior to joining Gorilla Biscuits, Brown was a member of Side By Side and Project X.

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Rosco 2/2/2019 6:53:57 AM

Damn. Rest in peace, Alex

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:49:13 AM

Keep the gorillas out !!!! Build the wall !!!

fourthgradecocktease 2/2/2019 8:52:04 AM


rayromano 2/2/2019 9:08:38 AM

Serious bummer

anonymous 2/2/2019 9:49:27 AM

Facebook=Censor book of actual crime victims, back to you Jim in the studio...

anonymous 2/2/2019 11:28:29 AM


anonymous 2/2/2019 11:40:58 AM

Straight edge revenge.

anonymous 2/2/2019 12:15:22 PM


anonymous 2/2/2019 3:16:30 PM


anonymous 2/2/2019 5:26:51 PM

^ Someone who is 100X more important and influential than the person fcking you later tonight, your father.

anonymous 2/2/2019 5:39:09 PM

*Plus he didn't stuff his gob with meat every meal like your ugly ass and your ugly gay dad.

anonymous 2/2/2019 6:47:45 PM

This is sad

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:21:01 PM

1. I for one am a proud member of the Straight Edge Society.

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:21:26 PM

2. We are currently seeking a fourth member in my town.

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:21:50 PM

3. Many memorable people have died from drugs such as Eddie Guerrero.

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:23:48 PM

4. The Straight Edge Society is honestly trying to help people and are really trying to save peoples life's from death, and yet people still continue to hate.

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:24:12 PM

5. People boo The Straight Edge Society all the time as we roam the streets in my town looking to save peoples life's, but I really do not see why.

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:24:42 PM

6. There was a professional wrestler who died last week at the young age of 29 years old, and the reason for that death was because of one thing in particular, and that one thing in particular would be known as drugs.

anonymous 2/2/2019 7:26:13 PM

7. I'm Straight Edge as hell and when people say "you wanna smoke", I say no I'm straight edge and put my arms in an X.

anonymous 2/2/2019 8:00:43 PM

3. Many memorable people have died from drugs such as Eddie Guerrero. LOL

anonymous 2/2/2019 8:03:27 PM

...but will Nirvana be played at the service?

anonymous 2/2/2019 8:54:17 PM

Eddie Guerrero dying is not funny; please stop laughing.

anonymous 2/2/2019 9:43:04 PM

what does rick ta life have to say

anonymous 2/2/2019 10:09:56 PM

damn rip, gonna have a steakhouse dinner in his memory with the boys

anonymous 2/2/2019 10:34:47 PM

I can't believe some sick individual changed his cause of death to 'heroin overdose' on the band's wiki. Thankfully it's back to normal now.

anonymous 2/3/2019 3:05:00 AM

"An aneurysm is an abnormal swelling or bulge in the wall of a blood vessel, such as an artery. Aneurysms can occur anywhere throughout the circulatory system, but most commonly develop along the aorta (the body's main artery that runs the length of the trunk) and in blood vessels of the brain." Should have smoked some weed, had a wine and relaxed tbh

anonymous 2/3/2019 7:20:56 AM

People from the reviled forums don't know that most of the anons that post in comment section don't have registered accounts. Trve HxC commenters do it without log in ever. So ppl like Kort, amber, XshitcrewX, you're not funny, pussies.

anonymous 2/3/2019 8:25:09 AM

Lambgoat, I completely understand you posting the news but can you PLEASE disable comments? It is really classless of you to allow them because you know it will be one idiot after another (save someone speaking out about the idiocy like myself) posting disrespectful sh it. It is disingenous of you think otherwise. RIP Alex Brown!

anonymous 2/5/2019 8:27:41 AM


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