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Northwest Terror Fest 2019 lineup announced

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 9:41 AM PT / 5,771 views
Northwest Terror Fest 2019 The full line-up and schedule has been revealed for Northwest Terror Fest 2019, which is slated to take place May 30, May 31, and June 1 at three venues (Neumos, Barboza, and Highline) in Seattle, WA. Here's the roster: Thursday, May 30 @ Neumos Cirith Ungol Acid Witch Spirit Adrift Demon Lung Castle Thursday, May 30 @ Barboza Dawn Ray'd Sutekh Hexen Wayfarer Dead to a Dying World Addaura Thursday, May 30 @ Highline (after-party) Bongzilla Pound Friday, May 31 @ Neumos Wolfbrigade Derketa Our Place Of Worship Is Silence Vastum Dreaming Dead Friday, May 31 @ Barboza Iskra Deaf Kids Gadget Thantifaxath Xoth Friday, May 31 @ Highline (after-party) Indian Year of the Cobra Saturday, June 1 @ Neumos Pig Destroyer Despise You Dorothea Cottrell Cloud Rat Closet Witch Saturday, June 1 @ Barboza Khorada KEN mode Eight Bells Immortal Bird Shrine of the Serpent Saturday, June 1 @ Highline (after-party) Bongripper Oxygen Destroyer


anonymous 1/2/2019 9:58:54 AM

can't wait to see Eight Balls

anonymous 1/2/2019 10:33:07 AM

damn, no Himsa this year?

spaceghhost 1/2/2019 10:36:02 AM

So many good fcking bands.

anonymous 1/2/2019 11:42:09 AM

I grew a beard just reading this.

anonymous 1/2/2019 11:43:48 AM

bon Gripper

anonymous 1/2/2019 11:46:43 AM

half these bands probably don't exist

anonymous 1/2/2019 12:02:40 PM

looks like a list of potential band names your dipshit stoner friend wrote on a pizza box

anonymous 1/2/2019 1:45:53 PM

So it's Pig Destroyer and a bunch of bands no one really knows...

anonymous 1/2/2019 1:49:02 PM

This is the travesty that happens when a dreaded fool who creeps on women books a fest

anonymous 1/2/2019 3:25:32 PM

Terror should be on this

anonymous 1/2/2019 3:26:06 PM

^ 4/10 joke

anonymous 1/2/2019 3:27:05 PM

dudes that spend $300 on vinyl from 20 buck spin are stoked

anonymous 1/2/2019 3:27:12 PM

^ Don't be so hard on yourself, things will get better.

anonymous 1/2/2019 3:37:55 PM

TFW a gay swoops in and drops 3 pointless posts in under a minute | | | \/ "Terror should be on this" "^ 4/10 joke" "dudes that spend $300 on vinyl from 20 buck spin are stoked"

anonymous 1/2/2019 5:27:21 PM

This one time me and Donkeylips collected everyone's spare change to buy hamburgers for the camp. Everyone distracted Ugg as we snuck up the camp road to collect our delicious prized hamburgers

anonymous 1/2/2019 6:13:22 PM

Snooze Fest

anonymous 1/2/2019 9:19:53 PM

Terror fest as in dog shit music for stupid fcking people. I'd be horrified too if I was that brain dead to actually pay money for this.

anonymous 1/2/2019 10:38:23 PM

No ISIS, Al Qaeda or Al Nusra Front, No care.

anonymous 1/3/2019 12:10:42 AM

Derketa and Vastum? Pussies on this site can't handle that.

anonymous 1/3/2019 5:21:51 AM

Pig Destroyer are heading that far from VA?? They must be scared out of their minds.

truthstar 1/3/2019 6:12:08 AM

Iskra?? Yes, please.

anonymous 1/3/2019 7:20:44 AM

can't wait to see dong gripper

anonymous 1/3/2019 7:31:45 AM

when do you think lg will start posting relevant news again?

anonymous 1/3/2019 10:37:21 AM

^there hasn't been a relevant news post here since Nam.

anonymous 1/3/2019 2:56:28 PM

The 'After parties' are nice.

anonymous 1/3/2019 9:31:14 PM

I've literally never heard of one of these bands

anonymous 1/4/2019 10:53:05 AM

Tickets to this are $165. That's the punchline.

anonymous 1/4/2019 7:34:07 PM

The only listing for this lineup should be : WHOOO OOOO OO OOOOO OO OOOOO OO O OOO O the fck are these bands

anonymous 1/5/2019 11:02:11 AM

watch our for Cloud rat everybody. Who thought that was a good band name? WTF

anonymous 1/6/2019 11:41:59 AM

Pig Destroyer are heading that far from VA?? They must be scared out of their minds.>>> Scared out of their minds? Elaborate.

anonymous 1/7/2019 7:34:47 AM

+1 to Seattle Snooze Fest

anonymous 1/7/2019 7:38:28 AM

One band from Oregon, and yet the entire state is involved in their logo, also all the shows are in Seattle???

anonymous 2/21/2019 6:39:01 PM

fun fact the guy who books this fest booked his own band for the first year of it and then took them off it when they kicked him out for creeping on women. hard pass.

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