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Cannibal Corpse guitarist had more than 80 guns in home

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 5:41 PM PT / 21,746 views
More details have surfaced regarding the odd behavior of Cannibal Corpse guitarist Pat O'Brien prior to his December 10 arrest on charges of assault and burglary. Court documents state that O'Brien made strange phone calls to his parents shortly before his arrest, during which he told them that "aliens have landed" and warned them about "the rapture." At the same time O'Brien was arrested, firefighters were battling a large fire that partially consumed his rented home in Northdale, Florida. According to the Tampa Bay Times, fire officials found a slew of weapons, several locked safes, and "potential explosive devices" inside his house. Comprising the weapons cache were roughly 50 shotguns, 10 semi-automatic rifles, two "Uzi-style" rifles, and 20 handguns. Naturally, thousands of rounds of ammunition were also present. A search warrant reveals that authorities found two flamethrowers inside the home as well. After serving several days in the Hillsborough County jail, O'Brien was released on December 14 and is currently free on bail.

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