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Carnifex releases new EP, stream available

Yesterday, Carnifex promised that they'd release something new today. According to Spotify et al., that new thing is a four-track EP titled Bury Me In Blasphemy, which arrives today via Nuclear Blast Records. Along with the title track, the four-song EP features covers of Nine Inch Nails' "Head Like a Hole" and Slipknot's "The Heretic Anthem," along with a GosT remix of Carnifex's NiN cover. A video for the title track has been released: Meanwhile, you can stream the entire outing below.


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anonymous 12/7/2018 8:36:58 AM

lol nobody asked for this

anonymous 12/7/2018 9:12:53 AM

^^^^ they released it on cassette

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:10:49 PM

I'll be the first to confirm that indeed NO ONE asked for this.

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:38:13 PM

I asked for it. hard back and on the wall flag rushmore. pre order merch sets looking dead autumn leaf crisp. hard L's are any take contrary to this. 'Beatdown' Jon np: despised icon - harvesting the deceased

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:40:14 PM

TAiN WC carnifex. scene is alive and well gays

anonymous 12/7/2018 2:29:00 PM

anyone have a spare hair straightener? BREEE BREEEEEEEE

anonymous 12/7/2018 7:02:23 PM

Heretic Anthem is better than the original. Probably because Corey Taylor is a whiny bitch.

anonymous 12/7/2018 8:14:18 PM

Guy above talk to Beatmeat Jon about that straightener thing--he was on here one time saying something about how it works wonders when his mom puts it on his danger zone preceding an amorous late night cuddle in his amassing collection of wall flags.

anonymous 12/7/2018 8:32:11 PM

I see L king came back to hard back DCJons pssy jerk. If you post below you hold the L no exceptions.

anonymous 12/8/2018 9:49:57 AM

^ cringe loser.

anonymous 12/8/2018 2:56:40 PM

the acacia fex

anonymous 12/9/2018 5:38:09 PM


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