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Bring Me The Horizon, BTBAM, more receive Grammy nominations

Nominees have been formally revealed for the 2019 Grammy Awards, and among said nominees are a slew of recognizable rock and metal artists, including Bring Me The Horizon, Deafheaven, and Between The Buried And Me. You can view a few of the relevant categories below. The 2019 Grammy Awards will take place on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Best Metal Performance: Between the Buried and Me – "Condemned to the Gallows" Deafheaven – "Honeycomb" High On Fire – "Electric Messiah" Trivium – "Betrayer" Underoath – "On My Teeth" Best Rock Song: Greta Van Fleet – "Black Smoke Rising" Twenty One Pilots – "Jumpsuit" Bring Me the Horizon – "MANTRA" St. Vincent – "Masseduction" Ghost – "Rats" Best Rock Album: Alice in Chains – Rainier Fog Fall Out Boy – M A N I A Ghost – Prequelle Greta Van Fleet – From the Fires Weezer – Pacific Daydream Best Rock Performance: Arctic Monkeys – "Four Out of Five" Chris Cornell – "When Bad Does Good" The Fever 333 – "Made An America" Greta Van Fleet – "Highway Tune" Halestorm – "Uncomfortable" Head here for a full list of 2019 Grammy Award nominees.


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anonymous 12/7/2018 6:46:57 AM

god what a botch list

nothinlefttogive 12/7/2018 7:41:55 AM

lists like this make me glad to have failed as a musician.

anonymous 12/7/2018 8:30:59 AM

the fact that As I Lay Dying isn't up for best song is an abomination. best song of the past 20 years

anonymous 12/7/2018 9:18:43 AM


anonymous 12/7/2018 9:22:47 AM

As I Lay Dying couldn't sell out Chico California. how on earth would they get a grammy nommination? tier 6

anonymous 12/7/2018 9:33:20 AM

*meant to say Oli sucks

anonymous 12/7/2018 9:50:47 AM

Bring Me The Horizon puts out good music. As I Lay Dying puts out garbage shit for homosexuals that like to finger each other's asses at bible camp.

anonymous 12/7/2018 9:54:47 AM

Clearly you were one of those kids that got fingered and got told to lie that BMTH is the best... otherwise the camp leader would be sticking more than his fingers up your front hole you Mexican SJW turd

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:17:19 AM

AILD will nominated next one because record drops in 2019.

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:18:29 AM

AILD has already been grammy nominated. keep up losers

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:25:42 AM

AILD have been blackballed by the grammys. never again. it was actually in the RIAA memo not to include them due to Tim's violent history

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:30:45 AM

AILD Fans = homosexuals

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:32:20 AM

was just on the Metal Blade records website. They have officially moved As I Lay Dying to the "past artists" category. Probably because they couldn't move those splatter vinyls

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:49:49 AM

lol at some tightwad corporate suit trying to figure out wtf BTBAM is doing. Ghost and Greta Van Fleet are gonna clean house not that this pointless industry circle jerk means anything

anonymous 12/7/2018 10:58:08 AM

it means everything to an testosterone filled ego maniac like Lambesis. he is sitting at home right now weeping into his muscle milk trying to figure out why he only played to 400 people in seattle

anonymous 12/7/2018 11:28:38 AM

The fever 333...

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:10:11 PM

anonymous1 hour ago it means everything to an testosterone filled ego maniac like Lambesis. he is sitting at home right now weeping into his muscle milk trying to figure out why he only played to 400 people in seattle ^penis envy.

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:17:47 PM

Greta Van Flip

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:29:06 PM

tim's penis went away from all the roids. now he just has t-ts and a gaping ass from his homosexual jail fck buddys

anonymous 12/7/2018 12:58:34 PM

Lol at Underoath.

anonymous 12/7/2018 1:41:09 PM

Underoath gets a grammy nod because they started swearing in their 30's. Wierd

anonymous 12/7/2018 2:58:48 PM

Tim will sweep the slate next year.

anonymous 12/7/2018 3:38:55 PM


anonymous 12/7/2018 5:39:32 PM

These nominations show just how delusional and irrelevant the Grammys are these days.

anonymous 12/9/2018 6:14:02 AM

Wow well deserved for Fever 333

anonymous 12/10/2018 2:40:50 AM t-aid/internal-bleeding-ca uses-signs#1 TY For telling me to lay down versus taking me to the ER years ago; I hate this community+officers alike now. FYA.

anonymous 12/10/2018 7:42:05 PM

Buddy Moody along with a nurse you raised; sincerely fck off...or should I photo graph what you placed in the attic

anonymous 12/11/2018 9:26:50 AM

Odd how I am who studied online while doing behind the scenes work, explaining to some of you the purpose for even obtaining a tax ID or LLC, while you're all out partying and living large.

anonymous 12/11/2018 8:29:49 PM

Please note officers seem to have unlimited immunity to child abuse charges. Chris A. a retired law enforcement officer, go fck yourself would you love to hear the audio of my mother being beat by your POS partner; sincerely go fck yourself. For my dream job shit on or personal finances, fck you all. AACO is the best at fcking family.

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