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Altarage announce new album, premiere song

Thursday, November 22, 2018 7:00 AM PT / 1,335 views
Official press release: Mysterious death/black metal trio Altarage will release their forthcoming new album, The Approaching Roar, January 25 internationally. Pre-orders for this, the band's third album, are available across CD and LP formats. Altarage have revealed the first new track off The Approaching Roar. The new track is titled "Cyclopean Clash," and is one of the most relentless and visceral examples of how truly extreme the genre can be. The track is streaming now at Metal Injection. Regarding the track, the band declare: "To choose this path is to embrace the approaching roar, as the obtuse flesh keeps on failing."
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Altarage emerge once again with The Approaching Roar; their most violent and abrasive album yet. The album's nine tracks of suffocating, pitch-black death looses an onslaught of caustic, distorted riffs, cacophonous blasts and nebular vocal nihilism. The Approaching Roar gives no quarter, and cements Altarage as one of the genre's most extreme and unforgiving entities. The artwork was illustrated by Nick Keller (The Black Dahlia Murder, Vampire) and the track listing for The Approaching Roar can be found below. Track listing: 1. Sighting 2. Knowledge 3. Urn 4. Hieroglyphic Certainty 5. Cyclopean Clash 6. Inhabitant 7. Chaworos Sephelln 8. Werbuild 9. Engineer

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