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Cave In & The Sacrifice Poles

Mon, November 13, 2000 9:16 AM PT5,230 views

Robodog Records, shortly after issuing the Sacrifice Poles on CD, will release a limited vinyl version sometime in early 2001. The vinyl version will contain music not available on the CD version, and may also come with a bonus 7". The Sacrifice Poles have been called the "alter-ego" of Cave In. This is what Cave In has to say about the project: "The first recordings for the Sacrifice Poles began in the middle of a writer's block during 'Jupiter', and then some additional pieces were put together at home. We've reserved the Sacrifice Poles as the place for lo-fidelity factory defects that don't make it onto Cave In releases. The music is 100% live, 100% collaboration, we keep all the f*ck-ups and it remains at the lowest fidelity possible."


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