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Lamb Of God hopes to release new album by next Xmas

Sunday, October 28, 2018 10:02 AM PT

Lamb of God

According to drummer Chris Adler, Virginia metal band Lamb of God will likely have a new album out by next Christmas.

Speaking via the Metal Injection Livecast, Adler had the following to say regarding the group's progress on new music:

"I got together with Josh [Wilbur, producer] a few weeks ago, and just documented some stuff they [Wilbur and guitarists Willie Adler and Mark Morton] had in the library of what they do. Josh is coming out here at the end of November, for me and him to sift through it and find the ideal stuff, you know, that we both think is cool and we put the drums to it. Not to say that I'm any kind of overseer of anything, but in the way we typically do things, it would be us five in a rehersal room. But the guys wanted a chance to just document some stuff prior to that process. So, I'm doing the same thing with Josh. So we'll come into that room, probably, I'd guess, early next year to take the best from that and begin the process of giving each other stink-eye [laughs] in the room as we present ideas."

Speaking on the timetable for getting the album recorded and released, Adler offered this:

"Well there is a break in the schedule of the tour with Slayer, that allows us a break in the early part of the year to, kind of, get things in shape. But then we're back out there with them for their final shows across Europe in 2019. So, it's certainly possible that we're able to fine tune everything prior to that, but I think it's probably more likely that it's going to get recorded in the fall of '19, and hopefully out for Christmas presents for all your kids."

You can check out the entire interview below.

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