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Knocked Loose vocalist rejoins band on tour

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 7:37 PM PT

Bryan Garris

After missing the last week of the band's tour due to a death in the family of his girlfriend, vocalist Bryan Garris has now rejoined Knocked Loose on the road as they tour North America with Beartooth and Sylar. Garris had the following to say:

"We're back. As of today Taylar and I officially rejoin KL on the road to finish out the disease tour with Sylar and Beartooth. I can't put into words how forever grateful I am to Jayden, Miguel, Caleb, Kam, Oschie, Zach, Jeffery, Jerel, Jay, and anyone I might be forgetting for holding it down in my absence. You never expect to have to leave a tour in the middle but thanks to them I was able to go home and be the support I needed to be for Taylar. Also thank you to Kevin, PacSun, Isaac, Cole, and Tim for being patient and supportive throughout this entire situation.

"A week ago we were faced with tragedy. But thanks to our team, band mates, and new friends, we were able to go home and be with family, and I was able to be strong for Taylar. Thank you for your patience. Rest in peace Tiffany Tomerlin."

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