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Killswitch Engage has recorded 21 songs for new album

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 6:38 PM PT

Killswitch Engage 2018
photo by John McMurtrie

Now recovered from his recent vocal cord surgery, Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach has resumed tracking vocals for the band's next album. Leach revealed that the band has recorded 21 songs, a portion of which he's already provided vocals for (of course, not all of the tracks will end up on the album). Leach had this to say via Instagram yesterday:

"So many years, so much music and much much more to come. We are legit an 'odd couple.' On paper our personalities clash, but in life it works, it clicks and it's genuine. More vocal tracking for KSE in the next three days. We are chipping away at a massive stone. I'm about half way through 21 songs. Then of course figuring out which songs make it to the album."

This evening, he offered the following update:

"13 songs down, 2 more for this session this week and then 7 potential songs to go! Putting in some major work but just listened to the 13 songs and I am very very happy! On a roll and feeling good, let's make a damn Metal record!"

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