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Zao premieres new song

Thursday, September 13, 2018 9:14 AM PT / 6,143 views
Zao 2018
photo by Jered Scott
Seminal metalcore act Zao has unveiled a new track titled "Hide From the Light." The song will appear on the band's forthcoming split 7" with Yashira (due out digitally September 21), and can be streamed now via Metal Injection. Regarding the track's lyrics, vocalist Dan Weyandt had this to say: "'Hide From The Light' is a reference to the light beaming out of our handheld electrical devices and that light's ability to manipulate our thoughts and actions personally, as well as society as a whole, via digital social platforms."


anonymous 9/13/2018 9:24:59 AM

"'Hide From The Light' is a reference to the light beaming out of our handheld electrical devices and that light's ability to manipulate our thoughts and actions personally, as well as society as a whole, via digital social platforms." yet these guys are releasing this music through Digital outlets... how's that dish of warmed over hypocrisy treating ya, Danny? STILL gives you money to put in your chubby pockets & tobacco stained fingers.

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:28:19 AM

it's one thing to use technology, it's another thing to be a slave to it. big difference. Either way, this song rocks

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:40:29 AM

David Gunn a.k.a. Yavid the Bando Commando slash Rambo here. There isn't any love in the heart of the city, that city being Flint, MI, which is CRAZY. Not sure if you know this or not, but that's where KING is from, and it's CRAZY. Gonna do some lat pulldowns with this dilapidated rebar I found in my own home while reciting Aquinas, then it's time to prowl the streets to catch a body.

anonymous 9/13/2018 10:09:25 AM

weak. still hovering around Tier VFW. only good song ever was the rising end and they pulled those mid 00s moves and riffs in music video from superior earlier AILD (encasing) and haste the day (bridges) offerings.

anonymous 9/13/2018 10:47:15 AM

this is WAY better than rising end

anonymous 9/13/2018 10:54:32 AM

in all seriousness, they have been getting better and better. they are on fire. they said something about ANOTHER release in addition to this in a few months

anonymous 9/13/2018 11:31:52 AM

Will they be upset if their new song is promoted on social media platforms to help record sales?

anonymous 9/13/2018 12:15:14 PM

how come some of you are taking that description so literaly. at no point did he say that technology is bad, just that it affects how people behave.

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:17:09 PM

What would jebus do? Either way- they rock. It's been an up and down 20 yrs since blood and fire came into my life, but they are rocking. Tour?

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:23:59 PM

sounds pretty good for such a young up and coming band. anxious to see what else these guys have to offer.

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:28:11 PM

>Tour? looks like they are. with Atlas Moth and Yashira 9/20 – Voltage Lounge, Philadelphia PA 9/21 – The Webster, Hartford CT 9/22 – Saint Vitus, Brooklyn NY 9/23 – Ottobar, Baltimore MD 9/26 – The Foundry, Lakewood OH 9/27 – The Emerson Theater, Indianapolis IN 9/28 – The Wire, Berwyn IL 9/29 – The Rex Theater, Pittsburgh PA

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:28:55 PM

they haven't been about jebus for about 15 years at least get with the program

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:31:45 PM

Who likes this crap? Metalcore at its wackest.

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:36:10 PM

this song is barely metalcore. maybe it's why i like it

anonymous 9/13/2018 1:57:02 PM

No jebus?!?! I don't think my mom will let me buy this.

anonymous 9/13/2018 5:32:17 PM

Proving time and time again that Zao is superior to AILD.

anonymous 9/13/2018 6:00:05 PM

^ no they aren't. and they never have been. sorry

anonymous 9/13/2018 6:29:52 PM

there is black guy in this.?

anonymous 9/13/2018 7:06:25 PM

this song is MILES better than that sorry ass sterile shit AILD put out a few months ago. This is metal that AILD shit is pop music with distorted guitars

anonymous 9/13/2018 8:55:32 PM

shadows are security is better than anything zao has ever put out. zao isn't even in any relevant discussion. same as coverge and shai hulud. trash noise music for nerds

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:06:35 PM

how old are you 23?

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:07:53 PM

zao is better than AILD, Shai Halud and Converge combined

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:15:15 PM

This is listenable but not exciting just like most of zaos material. I'd take aild over zao anytime; their newer work like my own grave (or some of awakened like resilience for example) is far superior, shouldn't even be comparable at all despite Tim's personal issues AILD is a far superior band.

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:36:39 PM

So this is basically what would of became of mastadon if they went straight metal core after their 1st full length. As an official of metalcore tier ratings (I work at metal blade, my name is Jeff Stephenson), I place this at tier 2 on the scale of 1-7, 1 being highest. We went to 7 because mainly of the bane 7 angels 7 plagues, it looks cool when they are at the bottom (at 7) we don't have to number 7 as a catagory as we just place them there and that begins it. @jeffstephMB666

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:38:02 PM

Looks like this 7 angels 7 plagues As I lay Dying Unbroken Grade Coalesce Shadows Fall @jeffstephMB666

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:43:23 PM

i'm 33 so i would know. called it

anonymous 9/13/2018 9:46:52 PM

tier 1 is - Aild, kse, shadows fall, LoG, old ATR, parkway tier 2 is - unearth, bt, haste the day, tas, woj, byd, 18v

anonymous 9/14/2018 12:57:04 AM

Above poster is spot on with everyone except tier 1 should be relabeled tier 4 and tier 2 as tier 3.

anonymous 9/14/2018 4:58:17 AM

Dan with the sweet Twin Peaks shirt.

anonymous 9/14/2018 10:00:37 AM

This is good. You guys are just being shitfcks.

anonymous 9/14/2018 10:34:23 AM

is it weird this is my favorite thing they have done?

anonymous 9/14/2018 3:55:54 PM

I really hope the "Shadows Are Security" comment is a joke... I tried listening to it when it came out. Ultra gay watered down pop metal garbage. Shai Hulud farts out riffs more interesting than any of that bullshit.

anonymous 9/14/2018 4:57:11 PM

it wasn't a joke. real life assessment. losing sight crushes anything zao has ever come out with - musically, production, breakdowns, the works. real gym music. the only band worse than shai hulud is converge. unlistenable

anonymous 9/15/2018 6:44:08 PM

I second this^^^

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