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After The Burial wrapping up new album

Wednesday, September 5, 2018 6:53 PM PT / 5,530 views
Minneapolis, Minnesota progressive metalcore act After The Burial is currently in the final stages of work on their new album and follow-up to 2016's Dig Deep. The effort was tracked in July and is currently being mixed and mastered. A fall release through Sumerian Records is expected.


anonymous 9/5/2018 8:29:19 PM

2 guitarists or no care

anonymous 9/5/2018 9:27:15 PM

I doth not careth.

anonymous 9/5/2018 9:34:17 PM

Jacob Bannon here. We've got a pallets full of limited edition Jane Doe pendant lanyards over here at Deathwish. First 50 orders of The Dusk In Us rainbow splatter presses come with these bad boys. Or you can PayPal me an extra $25 directly and I'll throw in a signed one. Peace.

anonymous 9/6/2018 5:38:54 AM

wrap up this band and quit

anonymous 9/6/2018 6:25:39 AM

Hillary Clinton is a C U N T !!!!

anonymous 9/6/2018 6:27:19 AM

I said.... Hillary Clinton is a C U N T !!!

anonymous 9/6/2018 7:37:27 AM

Back in my day, wrapping came before the burial. Goddamn kids can't even properly mummify a corpse these days.

anonymous 9/6/2018 8:50:31 AM

Have the authorities spoken to Trent Hafdahl about what happened to Justin?

anonymous 9/6/2018 9:20:55 AM

Sankus here. been busy rigging sound all summer with 5FDP and shine down. ground rules still in play... ask me a question during the set = broken nose, set your drink on my equipment = strangle you with mic wires, mention Justin Lowe... run over by tour bus Brian Sankus

anonymous 9/6/2018 11:19:28 AM

lets hear a song

anonymous 9/6/2018 12:27:45 PM

Rumor has it deathcore jon was practicing spin kicks in his moms basement and he broke a few things, might be kicked out and he has to sell all of his mesh shorts. Look for the space below for his L.

anonymous 9/6/2018 1:02:45 PM

Good. Wrap it up. Twice. And pitch it in the dumpster.

anonymous 9/6/2018 3:27:19 PM

rigid backing for the legends. a 3/4 quarters moon shined down on my last night as I looked at weeds in the cemetary, along with some overgrown dry autumn grass, but mostly weeds. I think it was sweet autumn chlamydia. or was that bed gave me I nerd plowed me from moms dresser?? I lit is now time to board the mother ship and voice my concern tooked to the cosmos for an answer. then I hear a voice: it was Tom Delong. telling me o one louis farrakan. its good to be back- np: 'Deathcore' Jon

F___A___G___G___O___T 9/6/2018 3:28:38 PM

^ An idiot with a permanently open gob. Put the tongue back in your mouth. Put some clothes on and go get an education.

anonymous 9/6/2018 3:46:29 PM

np: searching serenity - scourge 'Deathcore' Jon

F___A___G___G___O___T 9/6/2018 3:47:27 PM

^ Imbecile Alert!!!...Imbecile Alert!!!....Run for your lives!!!.....

anonymous 9/9/2018 8:48:18 AM

The Sankus Suplex is one of the deadliest moves known to man. You'll find out first hand if you keep talking about my boys in ATB with a sassmouth.

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