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Iron Reagan announce new EP, premiere song

Tuesday, September 4, 2018 10:52 AM PT / 2,341 views

Iron Reagan - Dark Days Ahead Official press release: The mighty Iron Reagan has re-emerged from the dark maw of hell with new track "Patronizer" this morning. Premiering via Revolver, this is the first taste of the band's new EP, Dark Days Ahead, which will drop via Pop Wig Records (Trapped Under Ice, Turnstile) on October 12. Since forming in 2012 the Richmond, VA quintet has been basking at the altar of dirty crossover thrash/hardcore exquisitely. Speaking from the band's European summer tour, vocalist Tony Foresta says of the EP, "a lot of these tracks were written during the recording sessions for Crossover Ministry but didn't fit with that album. We've been friends with the Trapped Under Ice guys for years and are stoked to get these tracks out on their label."


anonymous 9/4/2018 11:22:00 AM

Totally stoked to get suckerpunched by Justice Tripp.

anonymous 9/4/2018 11:49:59 AM

The new Iron Reagan EP is called: DRI, VIO-LENCE AND NUCLEAR ASSAULT RIFFS...Part 4".

anonymous 9/4/2018 1:15:22 PM

That's not a bad thing.

anonymous 9/4/2018 2:35:34 PM

Hey guys, Todd from Tragedy here. We are aware of this. It was brought to my attention weeks ago, when I was sitting in the owners box at the seahawks-chargers game. "Darker Days Ahead" is an integral part of the Tragedy-brand, and Iron Reagan will receive a cease and desist from our lawyer soon. In the meantime check out or new EP "Fury"

anonymous 9/4/2018 4:18:11 PM

This song made me shoot my wad down my dad's butt crack.

anonymous 9/4/2018 8:32:07 PM

ok so they took some anthrax songs and mixed em with slayer. Can ya'll donate to my bands gofundme, I am Abomination, we are at $5,302 out of $10,000. Any help in the form of $20 donations. We will have black splatter cemetery vinyl and favors for donaters.

anonymous 9/5/2018 1:59:52 PM

No one can touch Spike's riffs (guitarist for DRI for you dumbass posers)

anonymous 9/5/2018 9:28:39 PM

Who cares? Band is a clown cavalcade. Saw them and Tony Foresta was a mental midget, a mere shadow of his former self. Van kickflips forever.

anonymous 9/6/2018 2:54:08 PM

^^^^ This dude loves Code Orange.

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