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Unearth, Fit For An Autopsy, The Agony Scene tour

Thu, August 30, 2018 9:43 AM PT7,703 views

Unearth and Fit For An Autopsy tour 2018 Unearth and Fit For An Autopsy will team up for some U.S. touring this fall. Direct support will be provided by The Agony Scene and Traitors, with dates listed below. Unearth frontman Trevor Phipps comments: "'Extinction(s)' is coming and we'll be doing the first of many tours on the record this November. We are very much looking forward to showcasing more songs from the new album on this upcoming tour as well as playing material from our entire catalog. We're also excited to have Fit for an Autopsy, The Agony Scene and Traitors join this stacked bill." 11/2 Cambridge, MA @ Sonia 11/3 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus 11/4 Halethorpe, MD @ Fish Head Cantina 11/5 Philadelphia, PA @ Voltage Lounge 11/6 Fayetteville, NC @ The Drunk Horse Pub 11/7 Ocala, FL @ The Alchemy Ballroom 11/8 Margate, FL @ O'Malley's Live 11/9 Orlando, FL @ The Haven 11/10 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum 11/12 Houston, TX @ Scout Bar 11/13 San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall 11/14 Dallas, TX @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill 11/15 Oklahoma City, OK @ Diamond Ballroom 11/16 St. Louis, MO @ The Firebird 11/17 Joliet, IL @ The Forge 11/18 Detroit, MI @ The Magic Stick


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anonymous 8/30/2018 9:51:08 AM

I can't even imagine how many side jobs Unearth are recording to keep the bullshit going.

anonymous 8/30/2018 9:54:44 AM

I'll fight every one of you at The Forge

anonymous 8/30/2018 9:58:24 AM

Wow. The opener of the tour has the best draw.

anonymous 8/30/2018 12:58:23 PM

Unearth and The Agony Scene wouldn't have even toured in 2004 but, both at the brink of absolute irrelevance, they are brought together. Who gives a shit?

anonymous 8/30/2018 1:34:19 PM

"I can't even imagine how many side jobs Unearth are recording to keep the bullshit going." when you run an hat shop for 40-year old skaters, you could make some money. seriously, flip your bill down.

anonymous 8/30/2018 2:36:01 PM

"an hat shop"

anonymous 8/30/2018 2:55:14 PM

yeah right mid 00s metalcore is killing it. best era of it and Tim has everyone from 36 crazyfists to tas putting some of the best material ever. bt charted in top 40/200. three tier 2 names there right off the rip.

anonymous 8/30/2018 3:01:38 PM

Funny when you have an entire bill of support bands who can now pat eachother on the back and debate their merits of calling themselves main support to support. On a side note, Fat Pat has a lot of loose, flappy skin, and repeatedly reminds people in interviews that he's an jerk = try too hard to be cool (fail).

anonymous 8/30/2018 3:33:24 PM


anonymous 8/30/2018 3:35:05 PM


anonymous 8/30/2018 8:41:19 PM

I'll fight every one of you at The Forge If you're the dickhead who gets drunk and likes to pick fights with people at the Forge (and your bitch too) see your punk ass there fool.

anonymous 8/30/2018 9:20:22 PM

^^^^ I will fight you at that show, I'll be wearing flannel red long sleeve, nails tshirt, tight af black pants and vans.

anonymous 8/30/2018 9:36:00 PM

Dreaming of a world where LAMBGOAT requires all comments to be tied directly to a verifiable email and photo ID, and we can all see the email and photo to identify such idiots in the general public.

anonymous 8/30/2018 9:36:23 PM

What's wrong with being a 40-year-old skater? It beats being a 40-year-old couch potato/alcoholic.

anonymous 8/30/2018 10:12:48 PM

^^^^ I will fight you at that show, I'll be wearing flannel red long sleeve, nails tshirt, tight af black pants and vans. Trendy. Hey, warped tour called they want their wardrobe back.

anonymous 8/31/2018 4:00:12 AM

Return of Sounds of the Underground second stage. St Vitus will have a water leak selling from the vents and due to snow storms all dates are cancelled. No refunds.

anonymous 8/31/2018 9:13:59 AM

I met the drummer of Unearth 6-7 years ago. He was wasted and kept claiming that no band on Metalblade has ever caught aids, and that he's clean because he never has rear sex.

anonymous 8/31/2018 12:41:14 PM

10 albums between both headliners, even though Putney begged Unearth to do it while tracking their album because he didn't want Fat Pat to kill himself for being a worthless direct support. Yet they still won't even come close to selling out the 100 cap St Vitus right next to the biggest city in the country. Bands should kill themselves, guess Tombstone hardware guy will keep fcking his mom on camera for money.

anonymous 8/31/2018 2:58:00 PM

Unearth had a decent crowd at warped but last time they headlined it wasn't a big turnout here. More ppl will show up for FFAA

anonymous 8/31/2018 3:10:23 PM

^^^^ 6 people will show up for Unearth, 8 people for fit for an autopsy, average crowd attendance with openers and locals will be a whopping 37 people.

anonymous 9/2/2018 7:01:35 PM

The magic stick in detroit, thats right next to the wet hole bar and italian restaurant, the limp noodle.

anonymous 10/5/2018 1:22:09 PM

gay Pat has moved onto young boys now. He has crossed over. He's transgendering it.

anonymous 10/5/2018 1:23:15 PM

FLAPPY Skin Pat has moved onto young boys now. He has "crossed over" now into transgendering.

anonymous 10/5/2018 1:24:41 PM

How many guitar players does a shitty metal core band need? 3 2 to be good and a 3rd (pat) to have people scratching their heads wondering if he is plugged in.

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