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Street Sects announce new album, premiere song

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 7:48 PM PT

Official press release:

As urgent and tense as a hunting knife pressed to your quickening jugular, post-punk duo Street Sects' forthcoming sophomore LP, The Kicking Mule presents ten intimate vignettes about self-sabotage, visiting themes like battling mental illness, addiction, alienation and more. Though primarily known as masters of cacophonous samples and jittery electronic stutter, Street Sects' new album represents a seismic shift in execution by applying those ideas to that of the romantic yet experimental approach of Roxy Music/Brian Eno as well as Berlin-era Bowie. Remind yourself of the way "Something I Can Never Have" fits on Pretty Hate Machine– a section of serenity within a blanket of attack.

Listen to The Kicking Mule's first single "In For A World Of Hurt" now via Revolver Magazine (or directly on YouTube).

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Vocalist Leo Ashline and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth use pulsating tension, melodic vocals and deliberate space, keeping their assault on the senses measured and intentional. Featuring album art by renowned illustrator Francesco Francavilla and the title inspired by Elton John's track "Ticking," Street Sects pairs neo-noir aesthetic with aching lyricism, recalling scenes of fear, loss, crime and desperation

Street Sects formed in 2013 after vocalist Leo Ashline emerged from the fog of a thirteen year battle with addiction and began to collaborate with friend and multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth. The duo embraced the ethos and aggression of punk rock, and the experimental attitude and disillusionment of early industrial music to create a sound unique to them alone. Street Sects has earned a reputation for their confrontational, sensory deprived fog-drenched live performances.

The Kicking Mule will be released October 26th via San Francisco-based label The Flenser and is available for pre-order. More news coming soon.

The Kicking Mule track listing:

01. 269 Soulmates
02. Birch Meadows, 1991
03. Chasing the Vig
04. Suicide By Cop
05. Everyone's at Home Eventually
06. Dial Down the Neon
07. In For a World of Hurt
08. Before it Was Worn
09. Still Between Lovers
10. The Drifter?

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