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Bring Me The Horizon premieres new song

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 11:56 AM PT / 4,400 views
Bring Me The Horizon new song Mantra As expected, Bring Me The Horizon has unveiled a new track titled "Mantra." The single is available now and can be streamed below. Further details regarding the band's new album have yet to be disclosed, beyond frontman Oli Sykes revealing to BBC Radio 1 earlier today that the album would be "completely different from their past record."
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anonymous 8/21/2018 12:17:07 PM

If BMTH weren't mentioned, I would have thought that Lambgoat would be promoting a Soundcloud rapper

anonymous 8/21/2018 1:11:48 PM

butt rock

anonymous 8/21/2018 1:20:05 PM

if you rearrange the letters in oli syke's name, you get Oil Skye. bmth are saudi arabian propaganda

thetowerofrome 8/21/2018 1:47:35 PM

Delete this garbage

anonymous 8/21/2018 2:10:38 PM

have to say it... absolutely brutal

anonymous 8/21/2018 2:28:48 PM

The 1975 are better

AnalButt 8/21/2018 2:52:07 PM


thetowerofrome 8/21/2018 2:58:25 PM

anonymous47 minutes ago have to say it... absolutely brutal LOLLLL

anonymous 8/21/2018 3:31:48 PM

Nice artwork, where is the rest o the band????

anonymous 8/21/2018 3:36:27 PM


anonymous 8/21/2018 3:38:06 PM

The rest of the band are now gender-fluid, and have decided to dress like a womens... see them hiding in the background? Welcome to 2018 bitches where mental illness is mainstream

anonymous 8/21/2018 4:09:08 PM

Will open for Blink 182 within the next year.

anonymous 8/21/2018 4:10:33 PM

bring us actual news

anonymous 8/21/2018 7:41:34 PM

Ew. I actually really liked these dudes until sempiturdal came out. Now they're just pitiful...that brutal comment had to be a troll or a 12 year old.

anonymous 8/21/2018 7:46:25 PM

child sex ring slave drivers are stoked

anonymous 8/21/2018 7:47:22 PM

build the wall

anonymous 8/21/2018 8:18:54 PM

gayfers & gaylords are horny for this trash

anonymous 8/21/2018 9:06:52 PM

Zao is multiple tiers above AILD.

anonymous 8/21/2018 9:52:23 PM

^ no they aren't. sh*t tier.

d0thack 8/21/2018 11:41:05 PM

bring me the delete this fcking shit

anonymous 8/22/2018 12:24:13 AM

Lmao back in my day - front row season tickets xD to what u may be asking LOL to put it bluntly we'll..the BMTH concert duh!!! Lmaoo the mood was set with pale stage lighting coupled with an eerie composer over a sleek moody backdrop XD and the ladies (lmao boys u know what I'm talking about XD) were going CRAZY for frontman and streetwear apparel OLI SYKE!!! XD haha all in all? Well one if the best times in my life Lol xPp

anonymous 8/22/2018 10:09:17 PM


thetowerofrome 8/23/2018 3:08:56 AM

anonymous1 day ago build the wall LOLLLL

anonymous 8/23/2018 4:33:31 AM

believe it or not this band once put out an album that ripped lol gotta get that money though i guess

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