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Tribulation set to release 'Nightbound' 7-inch

Monday, August 6, 2018 12:01 PM PT / 1,241 views
Official press release: Tribulation have set a September 14 release date for the "Nightbound" 7-inch, featuring the song taken from the band's early 2018 album, Down Below, coupled with a live recording of the track, as well as a previously unreleased instrumental demo version. The "Nightbound" EP will be available in the following vinyl colors: Transparent blue vinyl – 100 copies / CM Webshop Europe White vinyl – 200 copies / CM Distro Europe Dark green vinyl –100 copies / Via webstore via Kingsroad Transparent red vinyl – 100 copies / From the band on tour Black vinyl – 500 copies / CM Distro Europe Director Robert Piehl, who previously worked with the band on the video for "The Lament," is working on a video for the track.

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