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Bosse-de-Nage announce new album, debut song

Monday, July 23, 2018 11:24 AM PT / 1,138 views

Official press release: San Francisco post-black-metal band Bosse-de-Nage has announced its follow-up to 2015's whiplashing LP, All Fours. Titled Further Still, this new album marks a bold diversion from Bosse-de-Nage's typically sprawling arrangements in favor of airtight, propulsive song structures. Deliberately succinct and fuming, the grip of nine new tracks finds Bosse-de-Nage pitting their unique lyrical structures against hairpin turning melodies. Listen to and share the album's first single, "Crux," now via YouTube.
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Bosse-de-Nage first surfaced in 2006 with a rousing demo tape that was subsequently released by Aesop Dekker's The Funeral Agency label. Four years and an informal hiatus later, The Flenser brought the band's debut album to the masses and breathed new life into the then-dwindling project. A flurry of blackgaze-influenced EPs and LPs would follow, inspiring Bosse-de-Nage to hone their surrealist approach to metal into one unmistakable, idiosyncratic footprint. Further Still will be released via The Flenser on September 14. Further Still track listing: 1. The Trench 2. Down Here 3. Crux 4. Listless 5. Dolorous Interlude 6. My Shroud 7. Sword Swallower 8. Vestiges 9. A Faraway Place

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