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ex-Of Mice & Men vocalist Austin Carlile readying new music

It's been 18 months since vocalist Austin Carlile exited Of Mice & Men and the music world in general, however, Carlile will apparently be making his return later this year. Speaking for the Marfan Foundations annual Family Conference via Instagram (see below), Carlile said, "Living with Marfan Syndrome has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined," he said. "I love being a part of a community of others than actually understand what it is like living daily with a chronic disease and overcoming constant chronic pain." When some fans replied with questions regarding Carlile's return to music, he indicated that he's "not done yet," adding that "some things will be surfacing in the next few months." Fans hoping for something in the realm of his previous bands might want to temper their expectations though, as Carlile called his forthcoming output "different music" from a "different scene." When asked if it would resemble Of Mice & Men, he said this would be "something different! Something much much different."

This year's Marfan Annual Family Conference was a great success! Living with Marfan Syndrome has changed my life more than I ever could have imagined. I love being a part of a community of others than actually understand what it is like living daily with a chronic disease and overcoming constant chronic pain. Such a strong group of teens, young adults, parents, and even staff that all have become family to me over my years of working with the foundation. I found out I had Marfan when my mother suddenly passed from an aortic dissection when I was 17... she was only 38... Marfan Syndrome is a very rare and daunting genetic disorder that medical professionals have yet to find a cure for, but knowing there are others battling the same thing brings so much hope and inspiration. The Marfan community are some of the strongest people I know and with the biggest hearts (some literally.) It was a blessing to spend the weekend with our community and meeting new friends as well. Massive gratitude to @themarfanfoundation for allowing me to speak and participate alongside so many wonderful individuals. With a condition that makes you feel very much alone, it's hard to feel that way after leaving our annual conference and forming life long lasting relationships. Everyone has different struggles and battles in life, but those with Marfan Syndrome or related disorders deal with a different type of chronic pain, being lethargic, and a surplus of hip, rib, lung, heart, feet, spine, eye, head and leg issues day in and day out... Warriors. I'm thankful to be a part of such a caring, strong, and persevering community. Victory together. More info on our condition and how you can help us find a cure in the link in my bio: ???????

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anonymous 7/21/2018 11:52:24 AM

Trying to cash in a disease - SHAME

anonymous 7/21/2018 5:02:02 PM

Yea, Marfan Syndrome has changed our lives more than we ever could have imagined, too. Please just go away.

carveyournamein 7/21/2018 6:26:54 PM


anonymous 7/21/2018 8:00:14 PM

Bill, formerly of skull trophy here. Can I try out for bass? I have plenty of experience with ignoring sexual predatory lead singers and I think I would make a great fit.

anonymous 7/21/2018 8:37:46 PM

He's jockeying to be Chester's replacement in Linkin Park.

anonymous 7/21/2018 10:24:07 PM

Thought we were finally rid of this dweeb. His name was pretty much forgotten. You just had to put this non story in a headline.

anonymous 7/21/2018 11:48:37 PM

of cuck and toilet

anonymous 7/22/2018 12:15:08 AM

we've lost anyone to shoegaze-driven genres

anonymous 7/22/2018 9:27:57 AM

Tomb Mold is garbage merchcore metal with members who were scene kids 8 years ago. Same with Gatecreeper.

anonymous 7/22/2018 2:45:53 PM

Chic-fil-A will close today, Sunday July 22, in honor of Austin Carlile's Instagram post.

anonymous 7/22/2018 8:36:58 PM

Is this the guy that pee pee'd on a girl and went to jail?

anonymous 7/23/2018 5:24:00 AM

So much news about a guy not even playing music by no news about how King 810 just lost two members????

anonymous 7/23/2018 6:40:36 AM

^nobody cares about that either, Butters.

anonymous 7/23/2018 7:37:44 AM

Just so you know, he tried to impress me with a loud fart once. He put his legs behind his head and shouted, "Someone's cutting the cheese!" Instead of just gas, a big glob of turd flew out of his butt like a rocket. It did a loop-the-loop near the wall and landed on the bed. So if anyone's a bed crapper around here, it's him.

anonymous 7/23/2018 5:06:37 PM

Imagine being an adult and caring about this kind of sht.

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