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After The Burial, The Acacia Strain announce tour

After The Burial and The Acacia Strain tour 2018 After The Burial and The Acacia Strain will team up for a North American tour this fall, with each band celebrating the tenth anniversary of an album (Rareform for After The Burial, and Continent for The Acacia Strain). Additional openers will be announced in the near future as well. UPDATE: Both ERRA and Make Them Suffer have been officially added to the bill. Here is the schedule: 9/27 Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrew's Hall 9/28 Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues 9/29 Grand Rapids, MI @ Elevation 9/30 Cleveland, OH @ Agora Theatre 10/1 Pittsburgh, PA @ Rex Theater 10/3 Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage 10/4 Philadelphia, PA @ TLA 10/5 Montreal, QC @ Theatre Fairmont 10/6 Worcester, MA @ The Palladium 10/7 New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre 10/8 Toronto, ON @ Phoenix Theatre 10/10 London, ON @ London Music Hall 10/11 Columbus, OH @ Skully's 10/12 Nashville, TN @ Exit/In 10/13 Greensboro, NC @ Arizona Pete's 10/14 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade 10/16 Tampa, FL @ The Orpheum 10/18 Dallas, TX @ 2513 Deep Ellum 10/19 Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall 10/20 San Antonio, TX @ Alamo City Music Hall 10/21 Austin, TX @ Come And Take It Live 10/23 Albuquerque, NM @ Sunshine Theater 10/24 Mesa, AZ @ Nile Theater 10/25 Las Vegas, NV @ Vinyl @ Hard Rock 10/26 Pomona, CA @ Glass House 10/27 San Diego, CA @ Soma 10/28 Santa Cruz, CA @ The Catalyst 10/30 Portland, OR @ Bossanova Ballroom 10/31 Seattle, WA @ Club Sur Rocks 11/2 Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex 11/3 Denver, CO @ The Oriental Theater 11/4 Lawrence, KS @ The Bottleneck 11/6 St. Louis, MO @ The Ready Room 11/7 Des Moines, IA @ Wooly's 11/9 Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave 11/10 Minneapolis, MN @ Skyway Theater

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Rick____Tocchet 7/18/2018 10:42:58 AM

Wont be there.

anonymous 7/18/2018 10:50:24 AM

hard back. pinnacle year for the genre and 'breaker/mesh/wall flag bundle selectors. RIP Justin Lowe 'Beatdown' Jon np: all shall perish - stabbing to purge dissimulation

anonymous 7/18/2018 10:51:52 AM

i was going to suggest As I Lay Dying for this. but AILD aren't a high enough tier.

anonymous 7/18/2018 10:52:46 AM

TAS Continent is one of the greatest albums ever. Will be there. Fight me, you basement dwelling dingleberries

anonymous 7/18/2018 11:26:29 AM

frankie won't be in attendance

anonymous 7/18/2018 12:04:14 PM

hard back. pinnacle year for the genre and 'breaker/mesh/wall flag bundle selectors. RIP Justin Lowe 'Beatdown' Jon np: all shall perish - stabbing to purge dissimulation"" ^^ fake and smells of SRJ of sod fame.

anonymous 7/18/2018 12:39:41 PM

real. lg eyes ruling ^^

anonymous 7/18/2018 12:40:52 PM

vanflipx1000 don't believe the hype no care ever

anonymous 7/18/2018 12:46:51 PM

Dudes who wear mesh gym shorts during the winter are stoked.

anonymous 7/18/2018 1:00:32 PM

^ saying that as if either are a bad thing. i am stoked

anonymous 7/18/2018 2:15:25 PM

emmure ft tim lambesis should be on this

anonymous 7/18/2018 2:16:58 PM

Justin Lowe used to go HAM in my jerk back in the day. I miss his c-m

anonymous 7/18/2018 5:20:35 PM

guys in their 30s who still hit on high schoolers at shows are stoked

anonymous 7/18/2018 5:46:05 PM

Continent ruined haedcore for the last decade but it slammed and I'll be backwristing nerds and spin kicking their fat gfs in the mouth. I'm 30. Fight me in CT (Worcester)

carveyournamein 7/18/2018 6:15:03 PM

The Acashit Stain

anonymous 7/19/2018 12:08:23 AM

I'm stoked as a Canadian mesh short wearing jerk. I'll be d'er.

anonymous 7/19/2018 6:08:53 AM

I just don't get it. How are these guys in the acacia strain still doing this. When your pushing 40 and have no sustainable income/plan and still go out there to play the same shitty song over and over again to a few hundred kids at best is fascinating. It really pisses me off tho that these leeches will be sucking on my wallet with government handouts. The singer in this band will be working the over night at a gas station in 2 years.

anonymous 7/19/2018 7:13:50 AM

the new Tomb Mold is good

anonymous 7/19/2018 9:31:07 AM

Bill, formerly of Skull Trophy, here... Someone hire me to play bass. All my friends got called out on twitter. I wish I was fat again, at least I was cool back then...

anonymous 7/19/2018 12:35:53 PM

Cum stained forever 21 t-shirt found under my bed

anonymous 7/19/2018 2:49:32 PM

the acacia sage

anonymous 7/22/2018 9:26:39 AM

Tomb Mold is garbage merchcore metal with members who were scene kids 8 years ago. Same with Gatecreeper.

ImSoThirsty 8/21/2018 1:59:52 PM

Ever have a cruller?

anonymous 8/21/2018 8:20:37 PM

the "show up late for the the only 2 bands that matter" tour

anonymous 8/23/2018 7:10:48 AM

Come to atlanta georgia and get a phat concussion from me and my brother during acacia strain.

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