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Tengger Cavalry reform, release new single

Sunday, July 15, 2018 7:19 PM PT

Official press release:

Tengger Cavalry are back. After their split up right after the release of the latest album, Cian Biin (February 2018), Tengger Cavalry have gathered their forces and return with a big bang. The Nomadic Folk Metal pioneers led by mastermind mastermind Nature have renewed completely and strike back with their new single "Heart," which is available as the regular 13-minute version and as a shortened radio and music video edit as bonus track.

Nature about the new single: "It is a long 13 min track featuring multiple nomadic folk artists from China and few amazing American musicians. As the song title suggests, it is a song dedicated to all of my fans who put their hearts into what they truly love and believe."

Watch the first video of the regrouped band here:

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Read the full story about the rise, fall and new rise of Tengger Cavalry here.

Nature about the re-groupment of Tengger Cavalry: "After a long break, it is great to feel like creating what I love again. Moreover I am more than grateful to have all the band members, friends, fans and ppl around me to give a support for relaunching the band. It is more than a passion. It is a cultural project that I intend to share with everyone and I will do my best to keep on going. Last but not least, I want to thank Napalm Records for believing in me and giving me time to heal even when I was in my darkest hours."

The new line-up reads as follows:

Nature - Guitar, Morin Khuur, Vocal
Pat Reilly - Guitar
Greg Baker - Double Bass
Randy Tesser - Drum
Muren - Morin Khuur

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