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Agonia Records signs Lucifer's Child

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 7:28 PM PT / 1,097 views
Official press release: Lucifer's Child, a Greek black metal band from Athens, has signed a record deal with Agonia Records. The band, combining members of Rotting Christ, Nightfall and Chaostar, is on the final lap of the recording process of their sophomore album, follow-up to 2015 debut The Wiccan. Lucifer's Child music is a bridge to the world of atmospheric black metal, and a vessel for spiritual self-expression through lyrics. "Our goal was to create a untiy between the two," comments co-founder, George Emmanuel, a prolific guitarist primarily knwon for his work as part of Rotting Christ, and former guitarist of Chaostar. Together with bassist Stathis Ridis, orignially a member of another long-running Hellenic metal unit, Nightfall, they decided to form Lucifer's Child in 2013, which makes them a relatively newcomer to the genre. Vocalist Marios Dupont (Karma Violens) and drummer Nick Vell (Chaostar) complete the band's line-up. They joined in 2013 and 2015 respectively. On signing with Agonia, Geroge said: "Lucifer's Child new album shall resonate the black metal hordes through Poland's most extreme metal label, Agonia Records. We look forward to our darkest and most extreme release!"

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