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Dream Theater working on new album

Monday, June 18, 2018 9:33 AM PT

Progressive metal/rock veterans Dream Theater are currently at an undisclosed studio working on material for their next album and follow-up to 2016's The Astonishing.

Speaking in a new video update, vocalist James LaBrie opens the clip with this: "John and I are here at the studio. We've been here for one week, and it is going sensational. Everybody is in the one room, and we're all interacting with one another, and I've gotta tell you, if the first week is any indication of where this album is going, you're in for a treat... there's a heaviness to it, there's an aggression to it."

Guitarist John Petrucci added the following: "I think everyone's on the same page with the type of record this is gonna be. I mean, so far the music is heavy, it's progressive, it's melodic, it's shredding, and it's also epic. So it has all those elements, which… they are the five pillars of Dream Theater, if you wanna call it that. We just called it that; there you go."

You can watch the full video update from LaBrie and Petrucci here:

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