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ex-Capsize, Old Wounds members launch Coarse

Official press release: Coarse, a brand new project formed by Ryan Knowles (ex-Capsize) and Brandon Gallagher (ex-Old Wounds), was born out of the longtime friends' shared need to start a loud band detached from any previous connection. The first release, I, a six-song EP, will see a July 27th release date via Zegema Beach Recordings and Secret Nature. The I EP was written by Knowles and Gallagher over a week spent in a 4th floor sublet in Brooklyn, New York. The songs were then recorded at locations across the country, from San Diego to Atlanta, to various parts of New Jersey and New York City. Taking influence from the likes of Some Girls and The Dillinger Escape Plan, the duo set out to rediscover the spontaneity and surprise those bands brought, while also paying homage to the first wave of heavy metalcore as exemplified by Turmoil or Buried Alive.
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A juxtaposition of sass and grit, Coarse's sound is built on Knowles and Gallagher's dual vocals (a call-and-response of high-pitched taunts and booming lows), caustic guitars and blown-out drums. Through ripping songs like "Shed," "Hoax," and "In Peril," the intensity is palpable. The noisy "Separation Is Survival" gives an introduction to the complementary alter-ego of Coarse where the band will continue to explore its more experimental side. Setting out to create a aesthetic matching the music, Gallagher took elements from his surroundings in New York City, and channeled his experience working in the fashion industry on photoshoots for the likes of Vogue, Adidas, and others. Being inspired by everything other than the typical visuals in hardcore, Gallagher spawned graphics, content, and collages that connect to the record. The band will release a zine entitled Fur, which will see a July 2nd release date. Gallagher states: "The entire project is fueled by being surrounded by the uninspired." The band will hit the road later this year, with plans to put out an LP in 2019. Track listing: 1. Shed 2. Hoax 3. Only Death 4. Separation Is Survival 5. In Peril 6. No Heart

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