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iMatter Fest 2018 lineup takes shape

Organizers of the 2018 iMatter Festival have announced the initial line-up for this year's event, which will take place on Sunday, August 12 at the Chemung County Fairgrounds in Horseheads, NY and is free. The following acts have been confirmed thus far, with more to come: Underoath August Burns Red Impending Doom '68 Slaves Sworn In Such Gold Belmont Misgiver The Funeral Portrait Awake At Last


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anonymous 6/11/2018 7:06:54 AM


anonymous 6/11/2018 7:07:26 AM

Even though this is basically a 3 day, faith based fest, it's pretty awesome that this show is free for people to attend. Good to see the collection plate money being put to good use. Finally.

anonymous 6/11/2018 7:14:02 AM

people with swoop haircuts are stoked.

anonymous 6/11/2018 7:14:36 AM

I would pay to not see Underoath at a free fest.

dog_boner 6/11/2018 7:24:48 AM

Jesus is ashamed

anonymous 6/11/2018 12:08:49 PM

Bill from Skull Trophy here. Can we get on this with our boys in Sworn In? Please stop asking about our singer getting kicked out of his last band for fcking underage girls, his girlfriend says it's cool.

anonymous 6/11/2018 12:14:52 PM

wait, where is AILD? i thought they were going to take over the world

anonymous 6/11/2018 12:44:53 PM

I think there was drama and Slaves got dropped for obvious reasons.

anonymous 6/11/2018 2:36:51 PM

I guess iDontmatter cause iWontGo

anonymous 6/11/2018 3:36:25 PM

AKA Snowflakefest

anonymous 6/11/2018 8:36:04 PM

no Red Roses for a Blue care.

anonymous 6/12/2018 5:32:36 AM

2007 is stoked. Needs more china symbol

anonymous 6/12/2018 5:33:39 AM

people with swoop haircuts are stoked. ^ everyone knows the swoop turned into the 50s barber shop high and tight now, duh

anonymous 6/12/2018 9:29:42 AM

Should be called "Imgayfest2018"

anonymous 7/5/2018 7:18:44 PM

Wow... jesus is ashamed? All this nasty talk? Are you kidding me? No collection plate money is used either! Know your facts. These people donate their time, the food, drinks, time, workers...all donated. And many many people look forward to this festival, and its awareness perspective changes lives. Know your facts!

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