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Ghost cancels show after man dies during their set

Having played roughly half of their set, Ghost canceled the remainder of their show tonight (May 31) at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, WI after a man reportedly died. Witnesses claim that a man passed out and was eventually attended to by EMTs. Although CPR was performed for a substantial amount of time, personnel were unable to revive him. The Milwaukee Medical Examiner said the man was taken to Columbia St. Mary's hospital, where he was pronounced dead. His name has not yet been released. The band has issued the following statement:
"Tonight, in Milwaukee there was a medical emergency with one of our fans. We decided not to continue out of respect to him and his family. Ghost and all who work with us ask that you please send the family your thoughts, prayers and respect their privacy during this time."
Tonight's tragedy cast a pall over the release of the band's brand new album, Prequelle, which is available now.


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anonymous 5/31/2018 10:29:45 PM

Thoughts and prayers

anonymous 5/31/2018 10:35:35 PM

Whereas I can 150% empathize with a fan collapsing or even passing mid show... The bottom line is that 2499 others paid for the show including myself.. I talked to fans that flew in or drove 850-1000 miles for this show due to its location. Bottom line is that Tobias called the show, Tobias do the right thing and reimburse the fans for your decision as the show ALWAYS must go on. If not, I see this as a stunt due to lack of interest on the poor reception of Prequelle.

anonymous 5/31/2018 10:40:06 PM

A ghost at a Ghost show. Illuminati.

anonymous 5/31/2018 10:45:24 PM

Probably because he realized he was at a Ghost show and needed an easy exit

anonymous 5/31/2018 11:29:54 PM

Poor reception of Prequelle? A man dies and you call it a stunt? You are a fcking idoit, kys.

anonymous 6/1/2018 12:49:16 AM

I'm not even a fan but to say they have poor reception is retarded.

anonymous 6/1/2018 1:54:53 AM

Was the guy hot?

carveyournamein 6/1/2018 4:04:50 AM

I hope this band gets sued for stealing Ghost B.C.'s gimmick

anonymous 6/1/2018 4:56:06 AM

So, Ghost is asking for prayers now???? Sure, okay. But who should we pray to since you claim that there is nothing............

anonymous 6/1/2018 5:15:20 AM

it don't get softer than that

anonymous 6/1/2018 5:15:51 AM

Pass out of existence

anonymous 6/1/2018 5:50:47 AM

Think of the comments

anonymous 6/1/2018 6:01:09 AM

why cancel? just bring him up onstage and suck off his death boner.

anonymous 6/1/2018 6:20:25 AM

"So, Ghost is asking for prayers now???? Sure, okay. But who should we pray to since you claim that there is nothing............" They are asking those that believe in prayer to do so, not that they necessarily believe in prayer themselves. Asshat.

anonymous 6/1/2018 6:41:56 AM

Cancel the show, disable the families, think of the comments.

anonymous 6/1/2018 6:50:51 AM

"So, Ghost is asking for prayers now???? Sure, okay. But who should we pray to since you claim that there is nothing............" "They are asking those that believe in prayer to do so, not that they necessarily believe in prayer themselves. Asshat." Hey guy, you're the asshat. This is Lambgoat. Not PrayerGoat. Keep your prayer out of my comment section, Hatass.

anonymous 6/1/2018 6:58:27 AM

Keep prayer out of metal. We should be happy someone died. It's what Lord Satan would want. Metal is for death. Death is for metal. Death Metal is life..... therefore, Cannibal Corpse are the evangelists of our cause. They love the devil. The devil loves them. Therefore, the devil is in the details. Death metal is about details.

anonymous 6/1/2018 7:06:24 AM

swear to god, the same losers have commented on lambgoat for the last 5 years. dur dur dur *edgy joke about the band being shitty* dur dur *farts and breathes in* kys if you have nothing better to do

anonymous 6/1/2018 7:08:49 AM

Gotta love the plug for the new album slid in the end there...

anonymous 6/1/2018 7:17:41 AM

Probably died from boredom

anonymous 6/1/2018 7:33:49 AM

Disable the band. Not worth jamming.

shitinyourhand 6/1/2018 7:42:21 AM

the album has some cool stuff.. too bad that guy died. hope he was old so they could say "he had a good run"! how can the reception of the album be considered and reacted to before the fckin thing even comes out

anonymous 6/1/2018 8:03:35 AM

he "gave up the ghost"

Rick____tocchet 6/1/2018 9:07:40 AM


anonymous 6/1/2018 10:49:17 AM

Sounds like hypertrophic cardiomyopathy to me. Or drug OD.

anonymous 6/1/2018 11:42:01 AM

Hmmmmmmm- seems like they should reschedule? Sucks for the other fans.

anonymous 6/1/2018 1:02:09 PM

shit ass dark metal act from the Midwestern US. Fake honkies in San Jose jock this crap hard

fourthgradecocktease 6/1/2018 7:05:18 PM

Prequelle is cool

anonymous 6/2/2018 8:07:28 AM

Everyone making rude comments, music is to come together for fun. When shit happens you stick together and help one another, not pass asstwat "glad he passed" bullshit.

anonymous 6/2/2018 5:10:56 PM

^^ hahaha. How old is this guy? 12? 13?

anonymous 6/4/2018 11:19:06 AM

^ old enough to express a valid point and not be ridiculed by a toddler, who was forced to stay inside from recess for not coloring inside the lines of their homework.

anonymous 6/4/2018 4:26:16 PM

Ghost plays, literally kills a guy.

SN00PY 6/5/2018 6:13:09 AM

He/it transcended so he (it) could appreciate them on a new level

SN00PY 6/5/2018 6:14:05 AM

Aside from that fentanyl is hell of a drug

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