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Intronaut fires drummer Danny Walker amid allegations

Thursday, May 24, 2018 5:59 AM PT

Los Angeles, CA progressive metal band Intronaut has parted ways with founding drummer Danny Walker amid allegations of domestic violence involving his ex-girlfriend. Intronaut issued the following statement:

"Due to some recent activity that we as individuals have zero tolerance for, Danny Walker is no longer the drummer in Intronaut. The remaining three members will continue to write and prepare to record our 6th full length album. We're not sure who will play drums in our band from now on. If you're out there, shout us a holler. intronautemail@gmail.com"

Walker -- who has played for a slew of other bands, including Phobia, Uphill Battle, and Exhumed -- denies any wrongdoing and has put forth this statement:

"I wanted to wait to make a statement here, but there's some serious allegations of me being a woman beater. My recent ex had a friend of ours post pictures of her with a black eye which was self inflicted. She's doing everything she can to create a smear campaign and it's working. She's involving all my bands and trying to ruin my music career. I'm really seeing who my real friends are. Thank you to all who have taken my side. Enough is enough. If you have questions and or concerns about this feel free to message me, but this is out of hand! I'd love to get to the bottom of this. There are always two sides to every story. Instead of drawing your own conclusions maybe listen. Thanks and hope we can all get past this. I will be doing what I can take legal action. I am literally in tears."

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