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Body Count set to begin work on new album

Body Count Los Angeles, California crossover thrash veterans Body Count released only four albums between 1992 and 2006, however, their third record since 2014 is now in the works and will arrive in 2019. Speaking with Loudwire on Friday (May 18), frontman Ice-T stated that Body Count already has the title Carnivore chosen for the album. "It's basically: 'Fuck vegans.' We figure, anything carnivorous pretty much kicks ass. We're carnivorous! I'm not saying 'Fuck vegans,'" Ice-T said. "Everyone's so pussy right now... we're carnivores." Ice-T expects tracking to commence in September, saying, "We haven't written a lyric! We start out albums with a name; that's how we started 'Bloodlust'. We're probably going to start recording tracks in September." Interestingly, Ice-T also told Loudwire that the new album will almost certainly feature current Six Feet Under (and former Cannibal Corpse) vocalist, Chris Barnes. Ice-T explained, "Chris Barnes told me he would kill me if he doesn't get on this next album. because I worked with Six Feet Under. People like Chris Barnes, I don't want to get him mad, because I know he might dissect me or some shit, so we're gonna get some death metal on there from original Cannibal Corpse." Body Count is also open to input from other musicians of repute. "For any fans of Body Count, if you think you have something that we can fuck with, I can take an idea and turn it into something," says Ice-T. "On 'All Love is Lost,' Max [Cavalera] gave us the first idea and a song came out of that. We're not afraid of having fun with other bands."

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