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Tankard re-signs with Nuclear Blast

Official press release: German cult thrashers Tankard are pleased to announce that they have signed a new contract with Nuclear Blast. The band experienced their second wind after signing their first deal with the Swabian label back in 2012. The union saw the albums A Girl Called Cerveza, R.I.B., and One Foot In The Grave becoming some of the most successful albums in band history. The latter even gave the band the highest ranking in the German charts at #26. Frontman Gerre comments: "One thing is clear: the best band in the world must of course be on the best label... Seriously though, we are thrilled to continue the successful collaboration with Nuclear Blast, knowing that we are in good hands and will continue to give everything to the next 36 years of Tankard! Cheers!" Flori of Nuclear Blast adds: "Of course we are happy that the last album 'One Foot In The Grave' was not meant literally and that the band would like to release more albums… this does however mean that we have to stock up on beer again! We also look forward to the next 36 years of Tankard!" A new album is planned for 2020.

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