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Jonny Craig reportedly arrested in Arizona

Jonny Craig arrest Last night (March 12) Slaves were in Scottsdale, Arizona to perform at Pub Rock Live as part of their current tour with Ghost Town and Dayshell. Unfortunately, it appears that all did not end well as musicians and fans were ejected from the venue during Slaves' set for undisclosed reasons. It's not clear what transpired next, but we're told that Slaves frontman Jonny Craig then proceeded to damage some of the venue's equipment. Craig was ultimately led away from the venue in handcuffs and seemingly arrested by Scottsdale police. Since this happened just hours ago, all we have are the videos below. UPDATE: Craig was indeed arrested on charges of criminal damage and disorderly conduct. He is currently in custody and awaiting arraignment. UPDATE #2: According to Slaves, the charges against Jonny Craig were dismissed earlier today and he was subsequently released. Here's what they had to say:
"About last night....... "To confirm the rumors, Jonny Craig was arrested last night in Scottsdale, AZ. "As Slaves were performing on stage, an altercation was transpiring backstage between members of the band Ghost Town causing the venue to call the authorities. While police arrived, the bands set was hastily shut down 30 minutes early by cutting off all microphones on stage. "Unaware of what was happening (along with the fans), Jonny 'dropped the mic' and damaged a few microphones (approximately $60 dollars worth of damages, which were paid for by the band). In response, the police handcuffed and arrested Jonny for criminal damage. This was obviously an excessive use of force (realized later), resulting in all charges to be dropped and Jonny to be immediately released. "We want to thank all fans, old and new for their support on the release of our new album and coming out to this tour."

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