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Young And In The Way breaks up amid allegations

After nearly a decade together, North Carolina crust punk/black metal outfit Young And In The Way (aka YAITW) will apparently be calling it quits as a result of sexual assault allegations involving members of the band. The following statement has been issued:
"An accusation of sexual assault has been made against members of our band. "As a band and as individuals, we are disgusted that someone was sexually assaulted at an event that we were a part of. We applaud the victim's courage to talk about it and we support her decision (and right) to name her aggressors. We stand by what we said when we learned about this incident - no member of our band was responsible for this crime. Let us be very clear - our response to this accusation is not an attempt to discredit the victim, we believe her, we're sorry this happened to her, and we support her. But it was not us. "Victims' voices can and should be amplified, and we are not sure there's any decent way to respond to an accusation like this without accepting fault. We can't accept fault, but we also can't prove our innocence. That we could even be suspected of such a crime brings us to the end of the road. YAITW is no longer on Deathwish Inc and will not be playing anymore shows. There is nothing left for us to say. "Lastly, do not attack the victim. There is no room for that here."

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