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Wolvhammer to release new album in May

Official press release: Chicago/Minneapolis-based quintet Wolvhammer has completed their fourth album, The Monuments Of Ash & Bone, for release in early May through Blood Music. While things have seemed quiet for Wolvhammer in recent years, the band has been hard at work behind the scenes and are now set to strike. Four years since the Profound Lore release of Clawing Into Black Sun -- which was supported by tours with the likes of Shining, 1349, Origin, Taake, Revenge, and Young And In The Way - 2018 looms heavy with the vengeful return of Wolvhammer. Brandishing a revamped lineup, the imminent release of their fourth full length album, The Monuments Of Ash & Bone, is on the horizon with new label partner, Blood Music. With the current rapid rise in quality USBM, Wolvhammer races to the forefront with their upcoming fourth album which sees them merging the black metal tendencies of Enslaved with the mid-tempo sludge of Celtic Frost. Far removed from the methodical riffing and trudging pace of theirprevious record, and eschewing any frills, The Monuments Of Ash & Bone delivers nearly forty-two minutes of savagery through seven new songs. The album kicks the tempo into high gear and goes straight for the throat on tracks such as "Eternal Rotting Misery" and "Law Of The Rope." No experimental bullshit, just the sound of rotten flesh and slow decay. The Monuments Of Ash & Bone was recorded and mixed by Jarrett Pritchard (Goatwhore, Exhumed) at his own New Constellation Studios in Orlando, Florida, and mastered by Ken Sorceron (Abigail Williams, The Faceless) - both of whom provide additional guitar tracks to the album - and completed with artwork by Brian Sheehan. Blood Music will release The Monuments Of Ash & Bone on CD, LP, and digital formats on May 4th. Stand by for audio premieres, preorder options, tour dates, and much more to be issued in the bleak days ahead. The Monuments Of Ash & Bone track listing: 1. Eternal Rotting Misery 2. Call Me Death 3. Law Of The Rope 4. Bathed In Moonblood And Wolflight 5. The Failure King 6. Dead Rat Rotting Raven 7. Solace Eclipsed

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