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Dimmu Borgir announces new album

Dimmu Borgir Eonian cover Official press release: Over seven years, deathlike silence has filled the halls of the world's biggest black metal forge, Dimmu Borgir, whilst powers have been gathering to resurrect the band right in time for their 25th anniversary. Now they finally mark their return with a vicious work of art that can be defined as timeless in the truest sense of the word: Eonian. The songwriting core of Dimmu Borgir furthermore consists of charismatic vocalist Shagrath, as well as the string wizards Silenoz and Galder, but other familiar faces also emerge from the darkness: Drummer Daray and keyboarder Gerlioz are still part of the team, and Gaute Storaas helped with the choral arrangements for the majestic voices of the Schola Cantrum Choir. The cover artwork was designed in fascinating detail by Zbigniew M. Bielak (Ghost, Behemoth, Mayhem). This tenth full-length record will see the light of spring on May the 4th, and it will contain 10 new tracks, produced by the band itself and engineered by Jens Bogren. Emerging from the dark minds of the three songwriters, Eonian follows a philosophical concept, dealing with the illusion of time: "Time, when not approaching it from the construct we're used to can't be defined and thus it is illusory", explains axemaster Silenoz. "There's only an 'eternal now', which the album title is already hinting at. When we travel between the worlds seen and unseen, the perception of time ceases to exist, it has no function. Our energy is our torch and our compass when we make rifts and pierce through the veil - when we go beyond." Vocalist Shagrath adds: "Eonian represents the illusion of time, everything that is and always has been. For us, it also marks the 25th anniversary of Dimmu Borgir and the album itself is a tribute to our own history and the Norwegian black metal history." On February 23rd, Dimmu Borgir will unveil their first single "Interdimensional Summit", that will be released as a 7'' vinyl EP, providing a first taste of the upcoming album.


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anonymous 1/25/2018 8:12:27 AM

literally no one asked for this

anonymous 1/25/2018 8:12:44 AM

They better pull out the top hats for this one. No top hats no Dimmu. Besides everyone's got to clean up for a night on the town after a long day of plaster and lathe.

anonymous 1/25/2018 8:14:19 AM

Is that hot American chick back in the band yet?

crustpants 1/25/2018 8:53:11 AM

Vein sucks

anonymous 1/25/2018 9:36:51 AM


anonymous 1/25/2018 9:42:12 AM

Kimberly Goss is back in the states in los angeles writing soap opera music for her day job. Believe it or not she was on the shortlist for a symphonic band tim was thinking about but later decided to keep going with austrian death machine. That's how tim met alexi

anonymous 1/25/2018 10:49:24 AM

Demon Burger has been awful ever since they kicked out Mustis and Vortex. Way to arc a load into your own mouths, guys.

anonymous 1/25/2018 11:50:44 AM

worgir borgir, sagea

anonymous 1/25/2018 12:58:06 PM

Lyme disease is nothing. How about you carry Sheetrock every day for 10 years and see what kind of chronic back pain you have. Is your Lyme disease bullshit gonna cause you to start getting legit oxys from the dr? You gonna fruitlessly visit chiropractors for years? Your Lyme disease ain't nothing compared to what real men deal with every day

anonymous 1/25/2018 1:36:30 PM

"deathlike", "deathlike","deathlike","d eathlike"

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