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Cane Hill announce new album, debut song

Cane Hill today announced that they will release their second full-length, Too Far Gone, on January 19 through Rise Records. To celebrate the news, the band has also shared the video for the brand new single, "Lord of Flies." Watch it here:
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"We're excited to announce the release of our new album, Too Far Gone. This is a piece of work that means a lot to us — it's the culmination of our own experiences, the pain, the anger, and the hurt. These are our stories," the band said about the album. Regarding the single, singer Elijah Witt stated, "'Lord of Flies' is just about trusting the wrong person because you want to believe they're something they're not — whether the person convinced you or you were just too dumb to see it. It's a mistake I've made over and over again, though I learned quickly, I can't trust many." Too Far Gone track listing: 01. Too Far Gone 02. Lord of Flies 03. Singing In the Swamp 04. Erased 05. Why? 06. It Follows 07. Scumbag 08. Hateful 09. 10 ¢ 10. The End

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anonymous 12/5/2017 10:29:27 AM

anonymous 12/5/2017 11:46:47 AM

That's an understatement

anonymous 12/5/2017 11:55:42 AM

the singer hits women.

anonymous 12/5/2017 12:34:08 PM

Build the wall

anonymous 12/5/2017 1:58:23 PM

gay. union underground, dope, amen, powerman 5000 and shuvel already did this 15-17 years ago. losers

anonymous 12/5/2017 3:56:02 PM

The band photo x the label = exactly what this band sounds like.

anonymous 12/5/2017 8:37:06 PM


anonymous 12/5/2017 9:03:59 PM

What about Hank Hill?

anonymous 12/5/2017 10:04:02 PM

pls no

Rick____tocchet 12/5/2017 11:30:03 PM


anonymous 12/6/2017 6:53:09 PM

LOL this is atrocious

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