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Suicidal Tendencies finish recording new EP

Suicidal Tendencies record EP 2017 California crossover legends Suicidal Tendencies have revealed that they've finished the tracking process for a new EP and follow-up to the band's 2016 LP, World Gone Mad. The band recorded the EP with British producer and engineer Paul Northfield (Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree), who has recorded nearly every Suicidal Tendencies record since 1992's The Art of Rebellion. Further details have yet to be revealed, though the EP is expected to surface in early 2018.


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brokenhero 12/3/2017 8:04:40 AM

God who still cares about this lame ass old Body Count cover band

anonymous 12/3/2017 8:23:58 AM

Build the wall

anonymous 12/3/2017 10:01:10 AM


anonymous 12/3/2017 2:58:07 PM

People who like 311 are stoked

anonymous 12/3/2017 4:25:03 PM

Sheetrock Tendencies

anonymous 12/3/2017 5:39:07 PM

EMOTION NO 13 is a bannggggerrrrrrr

tomdelay 12/3/2017 6:24:41 PM

I'll tell you f*kkers what - I respect this band because no one can put flashing on a skylight like mike f*kkin Muir. Dude used to do that shit blind folded back in the day and those windows never leaked. Shit man I still go to some of those houses.

anonymous 12/3/2017 6:48:41 PM

47 year old recent divorcee dads paying child support for two and working at least 55 hours a week managing a bunch of jerks who don't give a shit and getting back into playing bass but has to keep the volume low so the kids in the apartment upstairs don't call the front office again are stoked

anonymous 12/4/2017 3:48:48 AM

^^^^^^ autobiography

anonymous 12/4/2017 5:11:16 AM

That's a very accurate picture of their fans but you forgot about the bow flex in the corner used for hanging up shirts that were worn once but good enough to wear again

anonymous 12/4/2017 5:56:14 AM


anonymous 12/4/2017 6:36:02 AM

Literally no one asked for this to happen

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