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Arsis recording new album, tease new music

Tuesday, October 31, 2017 8:32 AM PT / 2,858 views

Virginia tech-death outfit Arsis recently entered the studio with producer Mark Lewis (Whitchapel, Devildriver) to begin work on their sixth studio album. Guitarist/vocalist James Malone has offered the following update in regards to the recording progress:
"Since the conclusion of the touring cycle for Unwelcome, myself and the members of Arsis have been busy with other projects, but I'm happy to announce that a new album is almost finished! "After returning home from a tour with Necromancing The Stone last March, I began writing for the next Arsis release and soon found myself completely consumed in the process. I don't want to make an incredibly bold statement and say something to the effect of 'it's our best effort since (insert the highest regarded album title here)' but I can say that I have not been this focused on a project since working on A Diamond for Disease. I feel that this focus is reflected in the music and I look forward to the album's completion. "We finished tracking drums last week with producer Mark Lewis in Nashville and we will be tracking the rest of the album in the coming weeks. Be on the lookout for studio videos and updates. Until then be sure to check out this pre-production video on some of our new songs that Shawn Priest put together!"
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anonymous 10/31/2017 8:57:17 AM

Sheetrock, srj, Doug funnie, downswing, deathcore jon, emmure should be on this, etc.

anonymous 10/31/2017 9:02:09 AM

Those with guilt are stoked.

anonymous 10/31/2017 9:03:13 AM

James has been starving for new Arsis.

mummified_circuitry 10/31/2017 9:15:29 AM

I'm fcking stoked! I even love United in Regret!

ineedmoresalt 10/31/2017 10:07:02 AM

I didn't know Bob Odenkirk could shred

anonymous 10/31/2017 11:43:46 AM

Looks like the eating disorder shit has been cured for now, good on him.

anonymous 10/31/2017 1:49:48 PM

Arsis? More like Assis.

anonymous 10/31/2017 6:18:39 PM

Those with guilt are celebrating

anonymous 11/1/2017 12:36:46 AM

Both United In Regret and Bob Odenkirk fcking rule! Couldn't get into Unwelcome but love all their other albums. Looking forward to this.

anonymous 11/1/2017 3:49:56 PM

....yep, sounds like arsis

thetowerofrome 11/3/2017 11:57:39 PM

extremely excited for this album. this sounds fantastic.

anonymous 11/4/2017 8:41:53 AM

"I'm so focused, now everybody please tell me how great and special I am." James

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