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The Faceless announces new album

Thu, October 19, 2017 12:47 PM PT5,169 views

The Faceless new album In Becoming A Ghost Los Angeles, California technical/progressive death metal outfit The Faceless will soon release their first new album in five years. The outing has been titled In Becoming A Ghost and will hit streets on December 1 through Sumerian Records. The band will unveil a new song on Halloween. Here is the track listing: 01. In Becoming A Ghost 02. Digging The Grave 03. Black Star 04. Cup Of Mephistopheles 05. The Spiraling Void 06. Shake The Disease 07. I Am 08. Ghost Reprise 09. (Instru)mental Illness 10. The Terminal Breath


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anonymous 10/19/2017 12:57:38 PM

nobody asked for this

anonymous 10/19/2017 1:02:35 PM


anonymous 10/19/2017 1:07:57 PM

Instru(mental) Illness. Holy shit.

anonymous 10/19/2017 1:13:02 PM

Let's burn up all the money on heroin and cancel our shows cuz we are too chilled out and don't want to work hard

anonymous 10/19/2017 1:17:57 PM

honk honk

anonymous 10/19/2017 1:29:10 PM

I can't wait to hear Michael Keene suck his own dck on this album.

anonymous 10/19/2017 1:49:16 PM

Don't worry guys they'll flake on the release date and next tour as they always do

anonymous 10/19/2017 2:56:58 PM

Cancelling a tour near you!

anonymous 10/19/2017 2:59:40 PM

If these guys get faces willthe finally stop playing music?

anonymous 10/19/2017 3:21:16 PM

mmmmmm no thanks

anonymous 10/19/2017 4:29:03 PM

I'm a Faceless fan, and I don't even know if I want this.

anonymous 10/19/2017 5:27:48 PM

hard pass. that galaxy wannabe computer cuckold nerd music like this, rings of Saturn and aversions crown has always been weak. there is no plotted earth or sustainable windbreakers in space. leave it below to start the weekend off with an L. nu hate 2k18 'Beatdown' Jon np: beneath the sky - a tale from the northside

anonymous 10/19/2017 5:33:11 PM

becoming a known gay

anonymous 10/19/2017 8:30:58 PM

Sad day when I come to no care ever all over a group I used to love and have been beaten to the punch 13 times already. Fck off, Michael Keene. Your potential and prime lineups are long, long gone.

anonymous 10/19/2017 8:31:20 PM

Beatdowncore 'jon' such a try hard poser. Hit me with that L gay.

anonymous 10/19/2017 9:23:43 PM

"oh thank god"- no one

anonymous 10/19/2017 10:59:59 PM

Planetary Duality without the clean vocals and more varied riffs, please. If not then fck off.

anonymous 10/19/2017 11:53:15 PM

Is it going to be another rip off of Opeth?

anonymous 10/20/2017 6:54:08 AM

micheal keene, didn't he play Alfred the butler?

anonymous 10/20/2017 8:39:32 AM

The Tourless

anonymous 10/20/2017 9:06:29 AM

When did this site become a haven for a bunch of 4chan dwelling neckbearded shitheads

fourthgradecocktease 10/20/2017 9:11:02 AM

"When did this site become a haven for a bunch of 4chan dwelling neckbearded shitheads" I feel like it's happened gradually since anonymous posting was allowed. Not surprising considering everyone on 4chan is a fat coward.

fourthgradecocktease 10/20/2017 9:12:27 AM

On another note, (Instru)mental Illness = classic Keane thinking he's more clever than he is, The Faceless jokes write themselves at this point

anonymous 10/20/2017 9:51:41 AM

implying lambgoat comments were ever good and not constant shitposting

anonymous 10/20/2017 11:00:40 AM

Tough guys who whine about anonymous posters who are also anonymous sure are tough guys. Eat a dck, listen to better music and try to be a beacon of light and positivity somewhere else. This isn't the place for it.

anonymous 10/20/2017 11:42:06 AM

Poop finger

anonymous 10/20/2017 11:44:39 AM

Chason must be real sad by now - kicked out of faceless AND whitechapel. The bew WC fill in drummer does a way better job anyways - thats what ya get when you stink and you date a tranny.

natron808 10/20/2017 1:00:00 PM

I haven't listened to these guys since 2006's Akeldama. I just checked out the first track from their last album and HOLY BALLS what happened?! This is god awful augghhhhh I have hearing AIDS now

anonymous 10/20/2017 5:32:33 PM

"Poop finger" See we need more of this

anonymous 10/20/2017 6:42:32 PM

no stupid alien shit who cares this band has always been trash

anonymous 10/20/2017 8:29:20 PM

Ken you are one stinky motherfcking piece of shit

anonymous 10/21/2017 10:00:43 AM

"Chanson must be real sad by now - kicked out of faceless AND whitechapel. The bew WC fill in drummer does a way better job anyways - thats what ya get when you stink and you date a tranny." lol you have to be some kind of tough guy meathead to care if he dates a tranny. that has no relation to his (lack of) drumming ability

anonymous 10/21/2017 4:28:44 PM

He's obviously not too proud of it.. all social media is private or disappeared

anonymous 10/21/2017 6:06:12 PM

If you dislike 4chan, you are a little bitch of a man. Fact. Lambgoat is not your safe place, fck off with your shit opinions.

anonymous 10/22/2017 4:54:41 AM

YES more songs they cant pull off live

anonymous 10/23/2017 12:35:36 AM

Alex wade told chason to go get a job lol

anonymous 1/17/2018 11:33:44 AM

Chason's girlfriend is a tranny?

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