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Remainder of Scorpions, Megadeth tour cancelled

Sunday, October 8, 2017 3:25 PM PT / 7,826 views
Scorpions and Megadeth tour cancelled The remainder of the Scorpions and Megadeth U.S. tour has been cancelled. The following statement has been issued:
The Scorpions regretfully announce that due to severe laryngitis, the remainder of the U.S. 2017 tour with Megadeth will be cancelled. Klaus Meine has been advised by top throat specialist in Los Angeles to rest his voice. If he continues the tour, he could risk permanent vocal damage. The band stated, "that they truly hate to disappoint our fans, and hope to come back to America soon, but this time we have no choice but to cancel." *Tickets refunded at point of purchase.


anonymous 10/8/2017 3:33:59 PM

Not a damn one of the 11 posters on this site would have gone to this anyway, not sure how this is news.

anonymous 10/8/2017 3:53:54 PM


anonymous 10/8/2017 4:11:41 PM

Replace Scorpions with Throwdown doing Vendetta in it's entirety and tour is ez.

anonymous 10/8/2017 4:16:50 PM

Replace Scorpions doing Vendetta in it's entirety and tour is ez.

tomdelay 10/8/2017 5:23:03 PM

Replace scorpions with an overweight jerry Garcia who just did enough smack to wipe out half of indochina and watch this bitch sell out in ten minutes

anonymous 10/8/2017 9:24:17 PM

I have a penis

anonymous 10/8/2017 10:09:01 PM

^ liar

anonymous 10/9/2017 4:47:06 AM

Not a damn one of the 11 posters on this site is female and even if they were they would be biologically male at this point

anonymous 10/9/2017 6:54:15 AM

Replace Throwdown with Megadeth playing tiptoe through the tulips and you got yourself a deal.

anonymous 10/9/2017 7:58:57 AM

Old drug abusing band has health problems. Newsflash.

anonymous 10/9/2017 8:01:22 AM

stop reporting fake news..

anonymous 10/9/2017 8:06:30 AM

No throwdown baby got back, no care

anonymous 10/9/2017 9:03:38 AM

I hope those 34 people get their full refund on those tickets.

anonymous 10/9/2017 11:33:55 AM

Dads are not stoked

anonymous 10/9/2017 12:17:37 PM

Remainder of Scorpions is a sick fcking band name

anonymous 10/9/2017 5:19:08 PM

I saw them a few weeks ago because my friend had an extra ticket. Megadeth only played 55 minutes but were decent, no flipouts by singer. Scorpions which i never intended on seeing before were actually mind blowing at times when they played stuff i'd never heard before. Guitarist is pretty sick. But they have been together almost 50 years I would hope you're awesome by that point.

anonymous 10/11/2017 10:15:45 AM

The beets should be on this honk honk-Skeeter Valentine

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