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Miss May I robbed in Italy, crowdfunding campaign launched

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 6:36 PM PT

Miss May I had their trailer and its in contents stolen in Milan, Italy earlier this week. Consequently, a PledgeMusic campaign has been launched on their behalf. Miss May I has issued the following statement:

"As 2017 comes to a close, we are quickly approaching 10 years as a band. As a thank you to everyone for being there for us all these years we wanted to launch a very special line of merchandise items. We were waiting to launch these items closer to our anniversary, however due to recent events, we're now finding ourselves about to celebrate 10 years with one of the worst things that has happened to our band in its career. On Sunday night while on tour in Milan Italy, 4 of us were awake, in the bus, in broad daylight when our trailer and its entire contents were stolen in less than 60 seconds. We were as careful as possible to avoid anything like this happening but in a matter of seconds practically everything we had with us was gone. We contacted the police but with incidents like this on the rise we were given very little hope of the trailer being recovered.

"For the first time in our lives we found ourselves unsure of how to carry on as a band. We could have given up but we chose to continue our European tour, to play shows on borrowed gear doing everything in our power to play the best Miss May I shows for you guys. We are completing this Europe run by any means necessary but are at a loss for what to do when we return home. The loss of our personal gear as well as the expense of replacement costs on rented gear is financially devastating. We're asking everyone that has been with us all these years to help us keep going by being part of this pledge campaign. All profits from these items will go towards our expenses from this loss. We were avoiding having to ask for help like this but with our insurance coverage not fully extending overseas our options are limited. Each purchase made will include a signed unique postcard from us as a small token of our thanks to you for contributing.

"A special thanks to those who already have helped make our current Europe run possible: August Burns Red, Aversions Crown, Captured Live, Dry Your Eyes, Fit For An Autopsy, In Flames, Loathe, Not Yet Fallen, Seventh Oar, Story of April, Waves in Autumn, Whitechapel, Within The Ruins"

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