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Arsonists Get All The Girls tour

Arsonists Get All The Girls have drastically expanded the 10th anniversary tour for their The Game of Life album. The trek will feature I Set My Friends On Fire, Kingdom Of Giants, Conquer Divide, Circuit of Suns, and West Cliffs on select dates, and the full schedule is listed below. dates w/ ISMFOF, Kingdom of Giants, West Cliffs 7/15 Victorville, CA @ High Desert Fairgrounds 7/16 San Diego, CA @ Brick By Brick 7/17 Hollywood, CA @ Whiskey A Go Go 7/18 Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock 7/19 El Paso, TX @ Rock House 7/20 San Antonio, TX @ Jack's Patio 7/21 Houston, TX @ Walters 7/22 Fort Worth, TX @ Tomcats West 7/23 Tulsa, OK @ The Vanguard 7/24 Kansas City, MO @ Riot Room 7/25 Bedford, IN @ Eagles 654 Ent. 7/26 Valparaiso, IN @ Big Shots 7/27 Kalamazoo, MI @ Papa Pete's 7/28 Kent, OH @ The Outpost (no KOG) 7/30 Tonawanda, NY @ Stamps dates w/ Circuit of Suns, West Cliffs 7/31 Toronto, ON @ Hard Luck 8/1 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks 8/2 Manchester, NH @ Bungalow 8/3 Brooklyn, NY @ Goldsounds 8/4 Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Loft 8/5 Rochester, NY @ Montage Music Hall 8/6 Detroit, MI @ The Loving Touch dates w/ ISMFOF, Circuit of Suns, West Cliffs 8/7 Pittsburgh, PA @ Diesel 8/8 Clifton, NJ @ Dingbatz 8/9 Baltimore, MD @ Soundstage 8/10 Virginia Beach, VA @ Shaka's Live 8/11 Fayetteville, NC @ Drunk Horse Pub 8/12 Brandon, FL @ Noise Box (Florida Fest VII) 8/13 Orlando, FL @ Backbooth 8/14 Augusta, GA @ The Iron Heights 8/15 Ringgold, GA @ Cloud Springs Deli 8/16 Johnson City, TN @ The Hideaway 8/17 St. Louis, MO @ Fubar 8/18 Cudahy, WI @ Metal Grill 8/19 Barrington, IL @ Penny Road Pub Conquer Divide, Circuit of Suns, West Cliffs 8/20 Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge 8/21 Denver, CO @ Moon Room 8/23 Missoula, MT @ Monks Bar 8/24 Spokane, WA @ The Pin 8/25 Seattle, WA @ Fun House 8/26 Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theater 8/27 Santa Cruz, CA @ Catalyst

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anonymous 6/22/2017 1:36:44 PM

wouldn't mind banging Conquer Divide after a billings show

anonymous 6/22/2017 1:37:32 PM


anonymous 6/22/2017 1:38:31 PM

There is really a demand for this in 2017? Would have enjoyed a billings show as well

anonymous 6/22/2017 1:48:19 PM

i saw them play like 5 years ago and there was literally 7 other people in the room...

anonymous 6/22/2017 1:56:11 PM

Try and pull the weird shit on me behind the soundboard see what happens. Spill some monster energy on the board... will get you a buttock squeeze. Fiddle with the controls when I'm not looking...whipped cream down the back of you shorts. Get bounced from the moshing pit onto the stage monitors... gets a free escort to an empty stall in the bathroom... with me dropping the camo shorts to reveal... the obvious... why they call me "Double BS" - Brian "Big Salami" Sankus. Brian Sankus

anonymous 6/22/2017 2:11:13 PM

^ zzzzz boring

anonymous 6/22/2017 2:48:58 PM

No one cares and they barely ever did

anonymous 6/22/2017 2:49:00 PM


anonymous 6/22/2017 2:50:26 PM

You cared enough to make a comment, type in two words to prove you are not a bot, and come back numerous times to see if anybody replied to your comment. Fug off fugger.

ineedmoresalt 6/22/2017 4:45:39 PM

^ internet truth you speak

anonymous 6/22/2017 5:04:46 PM

damn still no philly or reading date

anonymous 6/23/2017 12:08:52 AM

Virgins are stoked

anonymous 6/23/2017 2:08:28 AM

There will be more comments on this post than people in attendance to all these shows combined.

anonymous 6/23/2017 6:56:30 AM

"I set my Friends on Fire" is the fcking stupidest band name going.

anonymous 6/23/2017 8:06:15 AM

Arsonists get all the toilets

anonymous 6/23/2017 8:25:12 AM

no Billings date = unsuccessful tour.

anonymous 6/23/2017 10:31:14 AM

Wow an all girl metal band. Kittie

anonymous 6/24/2017 11:28:40 PM

there's a good chance I'll go to this unironically as a 30 year old man 10 years ago these bands always had some of the best PTP around at shows

anonymous 6/25/2017 3:18:25 PM

There is really a demand for this in 2017? No, none. There will be more people in the pay to play bands opening this than in attendance.

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