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Enfold Darkness announces new album

Monday, June 5, 2017 6:50 AM PT

Official press release:

Nashville, Tennesse natives Enfold Darkness return from the shadows to announce their forthcoming sophomore album, Adversary Omnipotent. The album is set for release on Friday, July 14th through The Artisan Era. The group and label had this to say about the album: "We, along with The Artisan Era, stand resolutely behind our sophomore grimoire, Adversary Omnipotent."

The band received high praise and well-deserved attention alike for their impressive 2009 debut, Our Cursed Rapture. Now, in 2017, Enfold Darkness are ready to unleash their finest offering yet of hybridized black metal/death metal on Adversary Omnipotent. Pre-orders for the album are now live as well. Stayed tuned for more Enfold Darkness news soon regarding the first single, early promos for reviewers and more.

An early teaser video for the album is now live and can be heard here:

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Adversary Omnipotent track listing:

01. Awaken, Brak'tal O'minn
02. Lairs of the Ascended Masters
03. Liberator of Mages
04. The Sacred Daemonic
05. Invocation of Na'ak Ba'ran
06. Banishment
07. Arise, Morning Star, into the Netherworld
08. The Adversary, Omnipotent
09. Terror of a Perilous Quest
10. The Test of Wisdom
11. Dirge of the Surrogate Invictus
12. Summoning the Archons
13. Vanish Into Damnation

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