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Today Is The Day, Kayo Dot tour

Today Is The Day has announced July dates for their "Temple Of The Morning Star: 20th Anniversary Tour." The tour will see the band performing their album, Temple Of The Morning Star, originally released in 1997. Today Is The Day founder and mastermind Steve Austin comments: "This Summer's Temple of The Morning Star Tour is something I have wanted to do for a long time. We'll be joined by our friends in Kayo Dot. Playing these songs for our fans, and seeing all of our friends across North America is going to be a blast. Black Magic is in the air and it's time to destroy." 7/6 Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus Bar 7/8 Baltimore, MD @ The Depot 7/9 Trenton, NJ @ Championship Bar 7/10 Norfolk, VA @ Charlie's American Cafe 7/11 Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 7/12 Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade 7/13 Houston, TX @ Walters 7/15 Dallas, TX @ The Curtain Club 7/16 Austin, TX @ The Lost Well 7/19 Phoenix, AZ @ Joe's Grotto 7/20 Upland, CA @ Gideon's Hall 7/21 San Francisco, CA @ The DNA Lounge 7/22 Portland, OR @ Tonic Lounge 7/23 Seattle, WA @ Highline 7/25 Salt Lake City, UT @ Club X 7/26 Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theater 7/27 Kansas City, MO @ The Riot Room 7/28 Chicago, IL @ Reggies 7/29 Toronto, ON, Canada @ Hard Luck 7/30 Montreal, QC, Canada @ L'Esco


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anonymous 5/24/2017 12:17:04 PM

Very cool

anonymous 5/24/2017 12:17:13 PM

And that's the bottom line!!!

anonymous 5/24/2017 12:32:00 PM

Lol so much Steve Austin sucking in these comments. -Steve Austin

anonymous 5/24/2017 12:37:29 PM

Stone Cold Steve Austin's band is really good. Been following them since the 90s. The entire tour is sponsored by Wrangler Jeans and Fade Glory.

menstrualmath 5/24/2017 12:48:00 PM

BK should be lit

the_smile_that_kills 5/24/2017 12:48:45 PM

come dock with me at the hard luck show

anonymous 5/24/2017 12:51:00 PM

budweiser is stoked

anonymous 5/24/2017 12:51:21 PM

FML. I wish I was a mastermind at something. Oh wait.. I am I am slowly stroking my throbbing erection up and down as I type, does that count. Oh yes, yessss

anonymous 5/24/2017 12:52:18 PM

will be hate moshing and stone cold stunning mofos in the pit how bou dah

horseheadxbookends 5/24/2017 12:54:06 PM

In the Eyes of God is so much better, never understood the obsession people have for this album

anonymous 5/24/2017 1:10:23 PM

I met my husbad in a TITD pit. (I am a guy btw.

anonymous 5/24/2017 1:34:30 PM

shocking ^

anonymous 5/24/2017 1:42:09 PM

Upland? really??

anonymous 5/24/2017 1:45:08 PM

I've been thinking back this week, and I realised I've listened to Today Is The Day in some way or another every week since about 1990.

anonymous 5/24/2017 1:56:52 PM

^ born in 1997

anonymous 5/24/2017 5:17:44 PM

dude you did not listen to Today is the Day when you were going through your Christcore phase, your Dragonforce phase, or your kpop phase, give me a break.

anonymous 5/25/2017 9:41:57 AM

Why does Steve Austin look like he's aged 20 years since 2013?

anonymous 5/25/2017 10:44:53 AM

well he openly battled an addiction to meth 2 years ago so there is that

anonymous 5/25/2017 11:01:13 AM


anonymous 5/25/2017 4:23:33 PM


anonymous 5/26/2017 10:41:15 AM

""well he openly battled an addiction to meth 2 years ago so there is that"" Doing meth in 2015 and making it a struggle.

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