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Warbeast vocalist hospitalized with esophageal tumor

Bruce Corbitt, vocalist of Texas metal bands Warbeast (Housecore Records) and Rigor Mortis, has been hospitalized for roughly a week, dealing with issues stemming from what's since been diagnosed as an esophageal tumor. Thus far, Corbitt has yet to learn if the tumor is malignant, however, developments have not been encouraging in that regard. Corbitt shared this grim update yesterday:
"Worst news possible. I have an esophageal tumor. In most cases, esophageal cancer is a treatable disease, but it is rarely curable. The overall 5-year survival rate in patients amenable to definitive treatment ranges from 5% to 30%. The occasional patient with very early disease has a better chance of survival. They're about to test if already cancerous. I'm going to be here for a long time. Devastated! I'm doomed and my time is short. Love y'all!"
Within the past hour, Corbitt posted this:
"There's a chance it has actually spread. The lymph node next to the tumor has increased in size, so a chance it's spread there. Also my blood count went down from 11.8 to 10.5 in 3 hours last night. So that's bad. They're about to do next blood test to see how much it's dropped over night. Also waiting on the all important biopsy results today. Will keep fighting and update y'all as I find out. Once again I love all of you like family!"
UPDATE: Corbitt has now revealed that biopsy results confirm that the tumor is cancerous, likely Stage III, though possibly Stage II.

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