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Parkway Drive recording new music

Parkway Drive Australian metalcore act Parkway Drive has revealed that recording for their next record is well underway. In a recent interview with MoreCore.TV (video snippet below), the band said that they're "about 70% of the way through recording new material." Additionally, they will resume recording "in the not too distant future." Commenting on their new material, frontman Winston McCall had this to say:
"It's a bit of everything. It's everything... I think the best way to describe it... it's refinement. I think ideas that we've had in the past that are new, we've gone even further with new ideas, but things that we've always loved about the band we've just made sharper and more aggressive and have more impact and more statement to them. So, we're not leaving things behind, but we're definitely not staying in the same place."
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anonymous 5/9/2017 7:08:48 AM

Toilet Toilet

anonymous 5/9/2017 7:13:25 AM

so sick

anonymous 5/9/2017 8:14:58 AM

Hardest working band on Epitaph. Hard working folks that can match pace with any male kpop band. not sure why BTS hasn't taken them out on tour yet

anonymous 5/9/2017 8:24:14 AM

oh great, more generic metalcore that sounds like shai hulud misanthropy b sides

anonymous 5/9/2017 8:39:45 AM

og metalcore swap is stoked

anonymous 5/9/2017 9:14:20 AM

Sage gay up there comparing these guys to shai hulud. No bullshit metalcore here

anonymous 5/9/2017 3:44:11 PM

Sage gay up there comparing these guys to shai hulud. No bullshit metalcore here ^ is a member of this band

anonymous 5/9/2017 4:09:04 PM

solid chance parkway drive does not browse LG at this juncture in their career

anonymous 5/9/2017 5:14:54 PM

i can't take winston seriously with that combover

anonymous 5/9/2017 5:23:07 PM

Shai hulud's best days was when guy from nfg was singer.

anonymous 5/9/2017 5:46:29 PM

It's gonna be Ire 2.0, I just know it.

anonymous 5/10/2017 11:55:17 AM

band does sound like a super polished shai hulud, but with 80s arena rock butt metal influences.

fourthgradecocktease 5/10/2017 4:24:40 PM

This will be worse than Ire, guaranteed

fourthgradecocktease 5/10/2017 4:32:13 PM

also this band sounds nothing like Hulud

anonymous 5/11/2017 4:47:30 AM

Gayway gay Toilet

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