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Hundredth announce new album, premiere song

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:01 PM PT / 12,149 views
Official press release: South Carolina's Hundredth have announced the impending release of their daring new album, Rare, due out June 16th via Hopeless Records. To celebrate the announcement and give listeners a taste of their exciting new direction, Hundredth have shared their new single, "Neurotic," and its accompanying music video. Hundredth have always followed their own path, forging a dedicated fanbase with their unique and impassioned approach to heavy music across three full lengths, culminating with 2015's Free, the band's definitive statement within the hardcore genre. When it came time to write a new album Hundredth began to feel the walls of their sound and scene tightening around them. The band had nothing left to give hardcore and the time had come to evolve or end. Faced with this challenge Hundredth chose to do what they do best: be themselves, no matter what that sounds like. Finally feeling completely unhindered creatively, Hundredth dove headfirst into reinvention. The result is Rare, a fearless album of lushly dense shoegaze and post-punk that somehow maintains Hundredth's innate energy and heaviness. Rare is a bold statement of newfound purpose, from its shimmering and gritty guitars, crisp and driving drums, to its moody atmospherics and reverb-drenched vocals, this is Hundredth melding their instincts and influences into a sound that is all their own. Watch the "Neurotic" music video via YouTube:
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Rare track list: 01. Vertigo 02. Neurotic 03. White Squall 04. Hole 05. Suffer 06. Disarray 07. Down 08. Grey 09. Shy Vein 10. Chandelier 11. Youth 12. Departure


anonymous 4/26/2017 12:09:52 PM

Band is so full of shit! Go away!

anonymous 4/26/2017 12:47:17 PM

hardcore hipsters

anonymous 4/26/2017 1:22:40 PM

Had no problem playing the same breakdown for several albums before... Until BMTH made bread from going indie now suddenly all these bands have nothing left to contribute to hardcore lol

anonymous 4/26/2017 1:34:00 PM

Wonder what what deathcore jon has to say about this

anonymous 4/26/2017 1:40:35 PM

wonder what domenic palermo has to say about this

anonymous 4/26/2017 1:59:24 PM


anonymous 4/26/2017 3:25:49 PM

complains that hardcore is oversaturated, becomes band that is in an oversaturated genre. toileth is right

anonymous 4/26/2017 3:44:36 PM

Hipstercore garbage

anonymous 4/26/2017 4:18:52 PM

reverb drenched vocals because they blow

anonymous 4/26/2017 4:23:25 PM

If homeboy is going to switch it up at least sing without all the weird auto tuning. He sounds like a robot, holding a craft beer, looking to talk about fixie bikes and how bushwick used to be cool.

anonymous 4/26/2017 4:44:53 PM

I bet this vocalist drinks LaCroix

anonymous 4/26/2017 5:59:26 PM

This new balance and composure sounds awesome

anonymous 4/27/2017 4:59:54 AM

Devin Amann here: someone please buy my old Hundredth flower pattern 5 panel "dad" hat, please and thanks

anonymous 4/27/2017 8:37:29 AM

people with neck tattoos that post about watching its always sunny in philadelphia on B9 are stoked

fourthgradecocktease 4/27/2017 2:16:15 PM

This guy wins^

anonymous 4/27/2017 5:27:22 PM

Look it's the 700hundredth band to sound like this.

anonymous 4/27/2017 8:04:06 PM

i listened to citizen last month too guys

anonymous 4/27/2017 8:31:55 PM

is this the band that was in a bus crash? This is a great song to release coming back

anonymous 4/28/2017 12:39:34 AM


anonymous 4/28/2017 1:16:55 AM

looks like they took a page out of the Suicide Silence play book

anonymous 4/28/2017 5:06:05 AM

listens to citizen once

anonymous 4/28/2017 9:25:35 AM

why is this boring shoegaze crap in LG news?

anonymous 4/28/2017 4:20:17 PM

"career suicide is trendy", "nothing left to contribute to hardcore" and, "we want to tour with balance and composure"... new shirt designs guys..

anonymous 4/29/2017 7:14:42 PM

They make music? I thought they were a t-shirt company

anonymous 5/1/2017 6:46:09 AM

This is Hundredth being Balance and Composure 2: electric suckaloo

anonymous 5/3/2017 1:36:04 AM

Holy Spirit Swag Hundredth never saw a trend they couldn't arrive 2 year too late to, contribute nothing, and try desperately to cash in on

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