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Darkest Hour frontman calls out Victory Records

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 8:36 AM PT

After releasing five records with Victory Records over the span of nearly a decade via veteran metal band Darkest Hour, vocalist John Henry is certainly qualified to discuss Victory, and he did just that this week. Speaking with Shane Told (of Silverstein) on the "Lead Singer Syndrome" podcast, Henry and fellow ex-Victory artist Told spent some time talking about the record label; Henry called them the "worst label on Earth," adding this:

"We were one of the few bands that completed a Victory contract. Five albums, yeah, ten years baby. Still haven't seen a royalty check. Hundreds of thousands of units SoundScanned, you know? Not one penny. So, maybe someday, we'll get something from them, I don't know... not that it's all about the money or anything … Feeding yourself is pretty tight."

Henry was asked if he ever speaks to Victory founder and owner Tony Brummel, to which he replied:

"Oh, hell no. He'll like email Mike [Schleibaum, guitar player] every once in awhile when we have to do some business. I haven't talked to him in forever. He refuses to talk to our manager too. It's a whole mess, not the way it should be."

Animus between Victory and a few of its artists has been well-documented and has culminated in several lawsuits, including a highly publicized court battle with A Day To Remember.

You can listen to the entire podcast episode here:

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