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Deserters issue update: 'It was a good run'

Southern California hardcore/metal band Deserters (Mediaskare Records) has been on an unofficial hiatus for several years, but judging from a newly issued update, they're never coming back. Guitarist Will O'Bryan had this to say last night:
"You probably know Deserters is on an indefinite hiatus. Wasn't working out, we'll leave it at that. "On a more positive note, we have all been working on different projects. Matt, Jake, and I (Will) have made a new project called 'All But Six' which will be releasing an EP available for free download in the next few months. More info on that as it develops. Pat has a thrash band with his brother Tom called 'Bombscare' and they will be releasing new material soon. Check them out. Last but certainly not least, Cheez is plugging away on a new death metal band so check his shit for updates. If you know Cheez, you know it'll be tasty as fuck. "So that's it folks, we appreciate any support you give, and thanks for not prying into our fucked up little lives. It was a good run. Thanks."

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