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Devil You Know working on new album

Devil You Know in the studio Los Angeles, California metal band Devil You Know, featuring former members of Killswitch Engage and All Shall Perish, among others, has begun work on their third full-length release. Pre-production has commenced and the group is demoing new material (see photo above).


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anonymous 3/29/2017 8:08:55 PM

Francesco Artusato is a beautiful woman.

anonymous 3/29/2017 11:05:02 PM

YES!! JUST what I've been waiting for! - Literally no one

anonymous 3/30/2017 3:16:47 AM

Lmao heard these joker a couple year back mabe a hit single hear and there, a holy digger cover or 2, lol "holey digger! u been up its dirt your shovels green" hhaha that all well and good but where the pizzaz the bananas?? Srj tmkn-sod fame. It ture I catch these looney playin the local pub i sip at..put my ear goggles in tell the boys to hit it! SHAVO bring the car around. Lmao that holy dive p catchy tho hahaha "u can see my shoes and they're white so clean! we all eat the green beaans xD

anonymous 3/30/2017 6:50:25 AM

Such an underrated band

anonymous 3/30/2017 8:15:39 AM

Jones looks like he just cropdusted that room

anonymous 3/30/2017 1:41:53 PM

Hard back. Been spin kicking and crowd killing all morning waiting for this new story to hit LG. com. Get the black gravemarker mesh shorts ready, cartwheels into your gf is up to bat next. Dethkore Jon np: Moshing to the Mosh comp - 7ft high roundhouse

anonymous 3/30/2017 2:20:33 PM

Each of their poses and expressions are fcking stupid. Ugly trio of jerks.

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